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Hey everyone!

Well,  despite giving ample room for completion of the draft, the book eludes completion. As I think most people here are authors, you will probably know what I mean when I speak of a plot that refuses to be resolved. Of course, it is done when it’s done, but I am also aware people are waiting on it.

Won’t be too long now! Please let me know if you’re interested in proof-reading the final draft.

  Happy Refund Day everyone!

Well, the Inkshares campaign may be coming to a close, but of course it’s not the end of the story. I plan to publish Chronozone Zero as an ebook on September 2nd. The good news is, as it will initially only be an ebook, it will be significantly cheaper. However, if you’re disappointed because you were looking forward to the paperback, then fret not! It’s not entirely off the cards; the best way to get that to happen is to help me make the ebook successful.

As such, I’m pledging that all who backed as Chrononauts or Intelligence Cores will get a free paperback, in the eventuality that it becomes one. Yes, I know you’re being refunded, but you guys are still amazing and I would love to be able to give you one of these. So let’s make it happen. The most crucial part of being a solo creative independent is getting momentum. As the first wave of this word-of-mouth ripple, I rely on you heavily. But I feel pretty sure we can do it!

Looking back, it’s pretty clear where I went wrong with the campaign. I didn’t really know what I was doing, to be honest. I didn’t push for promotion often enough. I didn’t really have enough materials to do so, much of the time. I’d never even heard of Inkshares until April; I just had a near-finished scifi story when a wild Geek & Sundry Competition appeared and I thought "well, what have I got to lose?". So I leaped in face-first. 

But I just want to say it’s been a blast and I’m humbled by the wonderful feedback from you all. Inkshares is a great community to be a part of. I plan to try again for future projects, which may not be all that far off...

Once again, thank you so much. Details to the ebook edition will follow when I have them.

Hello all,

Well I hate to update things without much to say, but I realise it’s been a while. I’ve been tweaking the cover some more and recently run aground somewhat in creative energy, due in no small part to the demoralising realities of being a creative idealist in primitive 21C society. BUT! I’m not just going to fold up and shuffle off quietly. Chronozone Zero is inevitable. History is stubborn that way.

One thing that is definitely coming in the next few weeks is an introductory video that talks about the book, but also Chronoportology and roughly how it works. And if it isn’t here by then, I will go back in time and make sure it is- was. I guarantee you will experience the corrected version of the spacetime continuum at some point in the meta-future*.

Thanks again for supporting the project. It means a heck of a lot!


(*) - Subject to existential interpretation of self-awareness, terms and conditions apply

Hey everyone! It’s been a little while, but I’d like to share the first draft of my book cover with you. There remains a few place-holder bits on there but it gets the feel across I think.

 I’m hoping to have a little explanation video put together very soon that sheds a bit of light on how time travel works in the universe of Chronozone Zero. If you’d like me to upload another chapter to the preview, please let me know in the comments. Thanks once again; you’re all great.

Hello everyone!

You may have noticed a bit of chapter upheaval (or you may have not, Inkshares still does or doesn’t do things I’m not expecting). I decided after some feedback and thought that my first chapter was too long and split some of it out into a prologue. However, in the spirit of the book, it’s called chapter zero. So you should still be up to the same chapter you were previously on.

Speaking of, a new chapter is available! Chapter 3 - "The Correct Term is Chrononaut", is now up. Which is fitting, as it introduces one of the characters on the cover that I’m currently working on (you can see the work-in-progress: here).

That’s all right now. Thanks again for your support, you’re all great!

If things seem a little quiet lately, that’s because I’ve been pretty busy helping my Dad with a renovation kinda project. But I do have a few items of interest that will be going up here over the next few weeks, so please do keep spreading the good word.

The second chapter is available, so if you haven’t read it yet please check it out and leave your feedback. Thanks again!

Big thanks to those of you already supporting Chronozone Zero! I’m still in the shaky process of figuring out Inkshares, getting the page looking how I want and so forth. I hope to be adding more preview chapters in the next few days, as well as an actual cover! It might be a week or two before the page really gets fleshed out, but I will aim to put up a second chapter tomorrow.

Thanks again!