There are currently Three chapters uploaded. ’Haxprocess’, ’Beneath the Mire’, and ’Death Whispers’. The fourth, tentatively titled ’Atonement’ is currently being finished up and will soon be off to my editor. This chapter will Focus on the Female Protagonist of the book, Beatrix DeLacroix. So keep following for more and share share share!

UPDATE 9/7: Ok Bit of a slowdown in releases recently I know but life has been semi turbulent the last week. A quick sum up shows that I’m preparing to be moving on from my current Fulltime Job and taking up working on Art and writing Fulltime with the Lovely, talented, beautiful...etc etc ad infinitum...Kassandra Leigh! Major GREAT news there. So to say that this is but a calm before the storm is an understatement by FAR! Prepare yourselves for weekly (at least) videos and updates as I go in to take on my competition at Defcon 5!

UPDATE 9/19: Wow I have been silent but many things have happened in the ole personal life that have been keeping my head spinning lately and forgetting to update everyone here about them. Well first thing first, I am now a full time Artist. I left my security position to focus my full attention on this Novel and all of my aspirations artistique! With that I immediately got to work on this new Video Entry for this series. You can find it below. Took me a bit longer as it took some writing and getting back into the swing of things with voice over and editing, BUT it is now complete and ready for your mental consumption! Enjoy and Keep your eyes on here as I post more updates and possibly add in some rewards for all the early adopters! Signed Artwork may be in the works *eyebrow wiggles*

First video Update!

More too come....stay tuned.

First Entry in my Codex An Domhan is right Here!

Codex An Domhan I: The Faith and Duty of the Marshals

Hello Readers!

From the start, this was intended to be my distilled joys of all things fantasy, Victorian, Gothic horror, and drama. I wanted to have political struggles painted as a backdrop for character introspection. I wanted grand characters that leapt off the page. I wanted intrigue that kept the reader guessing and turning pages. To that end....yeah I think I put forth a stand up effort.

An Domhan is the Seandaoine (Elves of my universe) saying for ’The World’. They being the oldest and most spread civilization, that world came to refer to the land as one would refer to our planet as Earth. Across the lands of An Domhan, grand nations vie for their power as nations are wont to do. The universe itself is filled with my own unique flavor of; Elves, Dwarves, and Orcs, Magic, Monsters, and Arcane Mysterty. All this is mixed with an advanced Mid-Industrial age set of societies. All trying to advance beyond the next while employing their own brand of advantage while still holding to their traditions to their own varying degrees.

This set of stories is just the first step into the world of An Domhan, so I decided to set the whole story under the banner of Chronicles. This first Chronicle, centering in the Kingdom of Brythongaul, focuses on three Marshals of the Edicts and their investigations. As Marshals of the Edicts, they are given the responsibility of maintaining, enforcing, and executing the letter of the law. They wield absolute rule of law when out in the kingdom reserving complete scrutiny of trial for only the Merchant class and above. It’s these investigations that lead them on a weaving path into the dark secrets of their own nation. Some of those secrets may even threaten the very foundation of the Kingdom itself, figuratively and literally.

Be prepared to meet; Mad Alchemists and their cults, Paladins of a holy order both Noble and Errant, Wielders of Mystic Power and those that covet it, Monsters, Mavens, Madness, and above All else my greatest passion to bring the reader Wonder.

I go by Conri and I am, a yet published but, truly passionate author. There’s a lot to me (as there is to every proper individual) but I’ll focus on the author’s path. I’ve always been a fan of literature, in the varied forms I could get my hands on, since a very young age. I would search the school library for novels of a fantastic bend for hours. Every once and a while I would wash up on the shore of something amazing. At ten, I found a copy of ’Moby Dick’ (albeit an abridged copy) that had me awestruck from the first line describing the ’Pale Usher’. Then in middle school I found ’Eyes of the Dragon’ by Stephen King and the graphic novel ’Maus’ by Art Spiegelman. Tolkien followed alongside my love of comics and gaming of all kinds. Throughout that time I was amassing ideas in a creative soup that has stewed for these 20+ years.

Notes streamed out over time...Those notes became outlines...And so on and so forth. I never gave much thought to forming much, assuming that it wouldn’t be worth reading. Then I heard something that really kicked me along this path. Neil Gaiman advising a group to “Pretend you’re good at it” when asked how to start writing. So I started pretending. I ran table top games for my friends. I participated in improvisational story telling on message boards. I found all that pretending made me pretty good at it.

So here I stand, Hurling myself off the precipice and into the wide open literary world. Here I am, striving to make the Dream of being a published author a Reality.

As an Author, there is nothing you can appreciate more than someone who is genuinely enthusiastic about bringing your words into the visual mediums. I happen to be quite lucky in that department as my beautiful partner, Kassandra Leigh, decided to start drawing my characters behind my back. I would be presented with completed work shortly after "Hey, can you give this a read?"

Kassandra Leigh is a powerhouse artist in illustration, photography, and all around Photoshop Wizardry. Expect there to be more and more images from her hand making their way into each copy of Chronicles of An Domhan.

As an added Bonus, since we live together, I don’t see why she couldn’t also sign each book with me while she keeps me company. So if you get those physical preorders, you are getting her signature as well as mine.

Inkshares is a unique platform that brings the benefits of a social media platform and internet community and merges it with the opportunity of Kickstarter or Indiegogo. After years of treading water with my work, having this kind of platform gave me the push to write more.

Normally, when a project is launched they have generally 90 days to build their preorders. At 250 units preordered, the book goes into light publication and will be published and printed in limited quantities to be sold on Amazon. If 750 preorders are reached the book will then be fully published and sold in Major Bookstores as well as Amazon, adding in editing and marketing assistance to bring the book to as large an audience possible.

Then came the Contest.

Geek & Sundry (learn more about Felicia Day’s company here have partnered with Inkshare to host a 3 month contest. All entered projects have this time to build as many readers (unique preorders) and sell their project. At the end the top three will be put into FULL publication REGARDLESS of preorder totals. Geek & Sundry will then choose One (or More) from the contest to personally promote (not necessarily from the top three)!

So what this all means is I need YOU, and everyone you can share this to, to preorder as many copies as you are inspired to order and get this to the top. And Don’t worry you will be refunded your money if it all doesn’t make to publishing. BUT, I don’t want to even be an option. Let’s make this happen and see this Dream a Reality.