Richard Marpole
This sounds like a really interesting premise. Gothic, supernatural politicking in a dark Victorian world. What more could you ask for?
Andrew Sweetapple
Wonderful use of language in a dark fantasy setting. Dialogue is very strong.
Stephen Carignan
The compelling internal conflicts of Paladins who've veered from the path usually make for good reading and Chronicles of An Domhan is no exception. Balancing description with exposition, the author navigates the reader through the world with a confident hand. I look forward to reading more!
Chrissy Cook
Blessed with not only beautiful artwork, but a richly described and imagined world with a cast of quirky and complex characters.
Dom L
Michael Allen
Love the absolutely beautiful artwork.. I am a big fan of inspiring artists and independents, I really enjoying the work that is already released i can not wait to read it in its entirety.
Kassandra Leigh Purcell
Beatrix is one BADASS bitch who means business in Maiden of Iron *__* I hope we get to see more of her sharp tongue and impatience for bullshit in future chapters of #AnDomhan! Heck. I hope i get to cosplay her one day *____*