No mortal power may stay her spinning wheel.
The nations rise and fall by her decree.
None may foresee where she will set her heel:

She passes, and things pass. Man’s mortal reason
cannot encompass her. She rules her sphere
as the other gods rule theirs. Season by season

Her changes change her changes endlessly,
and those whose turn has come press on her so,
she must be swift by hard necessity.

(Inferno, VII 82-90)

About the Novel:

“Honour dies, darkness arises and the wolf-born thrives. The children of the dire shall inherit the earth. The phoenix shall rise as the harbinger of twilight, for as the third rooster croaks, nations shall heed to flames.”

Dormant gods stir, brewing a tempest to bleed the realm of the eleven kingdoms. Tranquility meets its end with the fall of the thousand-year-old king unbridling a bloodletting of princes. When the usurper took his throne the realm fell into darkness. The treasonous king’s shadow stretched across the kingdoms, massacring mages, hunting dragons and birthing a century of wintertide, devoid of magic and mischief.

To mark their dominance, the new king and queen gave birth to an heir. A child with a grave secret, that could end the malicious reign of Draspian, in an uprising far greater than any the kingdoms have seen.

Far to the north, three children live among dire wolves. When the era of the wolf meets its end, the children of the dire have a choice, to become a part of the dark nature of man, or suffer the fate of their ancient ancestors. Amidst the gathering storm, rebellions and alliances are sealed and broken, gods cast lots on warring nations, and ravens whisper prophecy into the ears of druids. The renegade blade shall rise from ash to burn through the endless night as a blessed fire.

It’s the tale of the chosen one, with a dark twist.

About the Project:

"We humans fear the beast within the wolf because we do not understand the beast within ourselves." - Gerald Hausman

"Children of the Dire" was inspired by the mystery and beauty of ancient wolves known as "canis dirus". Wolves have been an important part of the series and a major inspiration in crafting the plot of the first book.

However, people often see the wolf as a bloodthirsty monster that slaughters herds of cattle, sheep and even small children. The government often challenges their place in the environment through denying the wolf’s place in the ecosystem. Wolves are gunned down from airplanes and snowmobiles. After being caught the creatures are often left to decay.

This vision could not be further from the truth. Wolves have an important part in the environment as they control populations and benefit wildlife health through killing ill animals. Therefore, a portion of my earnings from "Children of the Dire" will be donated to Wolf Mountain Sanctuary. The nonprofit organize is a volunteer educational organization dedicated to the preservation and proper management of wolves in the wild and in captivity.

Watch this video to learn how dedicated they are:

To learn more about the organization follow the link:

About the Author:

I am a student from the Great White North with a passion for writing. I am a pure-blooded introvert, who loves the genre of fantasy and takes pleasure in crushing my reader’s dreams. But do not get me wrong. I am a friendly hobbit who’s much sweeter to my friends than my characters. I am a nerd at heart who honed my craft in playing RPG (such as D&D and Star Wars), reading various works from literary fiction, to comics and graphic novels.

One day I hope to become a published author. I have written three manuscripts when I was in high school amounting to nine hundred pages (thanks to the inspiration of NANOWRIMO). Now, my writing has become more than a hobby. I have been published in two magazines, one locally in my area, and one from the United States. I have also been published in local anthologies at my university and creative writing club.
If you know me, you will know that I write a lot, far more than I open my mouth and speak. I am a listener, the eyes of the world hunting for my next storyline.

My latest series, "Children of the Dire" shall be a five books divided into five stories (Originally it was meant to be one novel, but once I reached a thousand pages I knew it was time to split it up). The books are to be called, "The Renegade Blade", "Dream of the Druid", "Bloodletting of the God", "A Crown of Feather and Weed" and "Twilight of the Gods". I plan to reach a page count of 2500 (as it is a very long story).

Thanks and happy reading!