After a set of grisly animal attacks lead to the discovery of a cave containing Indian artifacts, an archeology professor invites a group of his students to survey the site with him. While at the site, they make a wondrous discovery and find evidence of an ancient Native American legend. They soon discover that this legend is not as mythical as it may seem, and the students are soon drawn into a race for their very survival.

I have completed a 93,000 word, 330+ page draft.

About Inkshares

A large number of my followers are arriving at this project page without any prior knowledge of Inkshares. This note is for them.

Inkshares is a book publishing company that selects the books it publishes through crowdfunding. The books not yet published on this site (either funding or in "draft" mode) are author drafts — they have not gone through a publisher’s editing process. When projects successfully fund, that means there is a delay before books are available for those who pre-ordered. Once a book is funded, before you receive your copy, the following must happen:

  1. The author makes final changes to their manuscript.
  2. Inkshares editors work through and enhance the manuscript with the author.
  3. The polished manuscript is published (design, production, shipping).

There is more information available on the Inkshares FAQ.