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In Hemingway’s France, Images of the Lost Generation, 2000, Conrad retraced Hemingway’s footsteps in Paris and on the back roads of France, finding new information on the artists and American expatriates of the 1920s and 1930s.

Fabled Isles of the South Seas with insights by Literary Greats, 1997, is considered one of the best portraits of the South Pacific. James Michener wrote in the introduction to Fabled Isles of the South Seas: “The South Pacific has played a major role in my life, but I left it in 1950 and have been able to return only sporadically. My place has been taken by the photographer-writer Winston Conrad who started living in the islands in 1976 and who now knows far more about the post-war era than I ever could. …. and has made himself a man of the islands, and as such he has reported truthfully on their present condition. …I welcome him to that splendid coterie of Europeans and Americans who have extolled the islands.”

Published in Smithsonian, The Chicago Tribune, and The New York Times. Lectures/slide shows: Barnes & Noble, Books Inc., Book Passage, Alliance Francaise, Radisson’s HMS Gauguin. He has lived and worked in Hawai’i as a young man and for the last 15 years while researching material for Catching Paradise in Hawaii.

From Reviews: “The title Fabled Isles of the South Seas says it all, or nearly, and Conrad’s selection is hard to quarrel with, including as it does Tahiti and its Society Islands’ neighbors, Pitcairn, the Cooks, the Tuamotus, the Marquesas, and Easter Island. Conrad clearly knows the territory, and each of his essays conveys a personal take amplified by extended quotes from eminent literary visitors (Jack London to James Michener).”

Islands Reviews

“Part travelogue, part history, and always literary… This beautiful and compelling title will serve both armchair travelers and those seeking a collection of literary and historical insights.”

The Midwest Book Review

“Unlike many books of this genre, there is an emphasis on portraying the local people in their everyday activities, as well as views of stunning sunsets.”

Library Journal

Hemingway’s France: Images of the Lost Generation will make you remember the last time you saw Paris, or make you yearn to see it for the first time. … Conrad succeeds on his own terms, melding his concise writing, balanced appraisal of Hemingway and a generous offering of photos of places associated with the great man.”

San Francisco Sunday Chronicle

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