I know. Another novel about superheroes. There’s a lot of them, and some very good ones. A Once Crowded Sky by the now-legendary Batman writer certainly comes to mind. And the idea of people with superpowers being persecuted just for being different? Yes—X-Men has been doing that for half a century. So what is different about Capeless City?

Larry. Kitty. Dash. These characters are not even remotely hero quality. Larry is a cook with a phenomenally useless power: He knows exactly what to make for someone before they order. Kitty is a depressed stay-in freelance writer who mostly works on mundane copywriting all day while wishing she had superpowers. And Dash? He might be the private detective the Philadelphia police turn to for superpower cases, but for him it’s just a job.

This isn’t the making of heroes. They’re just getting by in a city where to even tolerate superpowered people might become a criminal offense.

Over the course of this story (a planned trilogy), I want these three, and a few other delightful characters, to become heroes, and have no idea how it happened. One day they just are. You know that Talking Heads song used in too many movie trailers—actually, just the one lyric: “You may ask yourself: How did I get here?”

That. I want, at the end of this trilogy, for the characters to ask that and not know exactly how they did get to where they end up.

I also want this to be diverse. Philadelphia is a very mixed city, and so is this cast—in nationalities, skin colors, sexualities, etc. Not just that a character is blue…that’s cheating. I want their identities to also play a role in their character arcs, and not just be tagged on.

Most of all, I want this to be a fun story to read. Sure, there’s drama and love and sex and fury and political commentary and pizza…but there are also some great action scenes too. Just wait for the demons to show up!

I hope you enjoy the sample chapters—and, of course, that you pre-order the book. If you do, you’ll also be a superhero.