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In the Beginning...

Hillsbury was home to cottagers, campers, and fishermen for years. As time went on the beautiful water of the bay dried up, and what was once a loved area turned to a depressing swamp land.

Not much thought had been given to the transformation, there had never been a reason for any.

Until now...

Hello there! I’m James, and I’m a writer.

I’ve spent a good part of the last 13 years writing independent screenplays. Some made it to production, some did not. When it came to Cape’s Side Bay I started writing it and realized the scale was much too large for an independent film. So I took a break from the screenplay, reworked it, and began writing it as a novel.

My first novel.

I’m a child of the 80’s and Cape’s Side really did come from my love of the old 80’s movies, or at least me watching movies in the 80’s and the types of movies I watched. I wanted to go back to the time when something was scary and fun and exciting and it never stopped. Sure, there were story beats, but they felt organic and just reeled you in more! The story was simple, things happened for a reason in a plot that kept you entertained.

In a lot of ways Cape’s Side Bay is a fun summer blockbuster, but without lens flares or explosions (or maybe it has both!). It’s meant to be an enjoyable ride that you flip page after page hoping to read the next one and not wanting to put it down. You know… like every other book ever written! ha ha

With Cottage Country as the setting, Cape’s Side Bay has science fiction, thriller, mystery, God, Aliens, Ancient mythological creatures and some romance.

After a boy goes missing his mother quickly blames it on a bear she believes to be lurking deep within the bay. Not believing her story the Park Ranger and Deputy Sheriff set out to find the missing boy. As the day unfolds the mystery surrounding his disappearance deepens, and so they realize that they are in way over their heads.

Three other boys are soon discovered, each mutilated in a unique way.

The first with his eyes sewn shut. The second his ears chopped off. The third his mouth sewn closed. Each sewn with a material not present on the periodic table.

Cape’s Side Bay combines science fiction with mystery and thriller, stringing together a story of God, Aliens, Ancient creatures and answering the question "are we alone in the Universe?"

What the residents of Cape’s Side Bay learn is that not everything is what it seems, and some mysteries are better left unsolved.

Cape’s Side Bay takes place over four days during Labor Day weekend. To capture the feel of a long weekend each chapter is a part of the day: Morning, Afternoon, Evening, Night.

Cape’s Side Bay begins Friday Morning and ends Monday Night (with the exception of the Prologue & Epilogue).

CAPE’S SIDE BAY is fully written, and just needs you and a little luck to help get it published!

The uploaded drafts are still very rough, so please keep that in mind when reading.

Hope you enjoy!

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