James Rasile's latest update for Cape’s Side Bay

Sep 10, 2020

For everyone who has supported Cape’s Side Bay I would like to once again thank you! It has been a long time since this book began it’s Inkshares journey. 

My goal was not to begin crowdfunding (selling) the book on the site until it was completely written. When the book was complete in 2014 I began my page on Inkshares, and began taking pre-orders.  I knew the book would go through several stages of editing even after hitting my goal, but I also knew I had a finished book and so there was no intent on anyone waiting long for their copy of Cape’s Side Bay. 

It has been six years. Crazy to think. Inkshares has change a lot during these years, at one point the book would not be published properly by the site, then that changed in 2016 when they held a contest and Cape’s Side Bay finished first. 

The book over the past two years has gone through several edits and revisions and I am very happy with where it stands. Maybe a few more changes (small) along the way, but I have recently spoken to Adam Gomolin the CEO of Inkshares, and I have been told Cape’s Side Bay will be published Spring/Summer 2021. 

If you have not ordered yet you can do so right here: https://www.inkshares.com/books/cape-s-side-bay?referral_code=4cd2117e 

I am sorry it has taken this long, and there is still some time. It is a process, I just sincerely hope you all enjoy the book when you finally have it in your hands! 

Thank you,