The Soldier (or the Thunder-rain)

Thunder-rain sounding overhead
Lead for a bullet they were lain
Slain far away from their nation
Station defended in the night
Fight! For freedom and light of dawn
Spawn! Evil grown bacterium
Delirium for blood and lust
Entrust to us this sacred place
Grace we say to our Lord God
Nod to commander orders heard
Third infantry honor binding
Blinding scorch comes the mortar shell
Fell! Two brothers just beside me
See the blood and broken faces
Paces walked with ears still ringing
Singeing uniforms with fire
Liar! Martyrdom sows deceit
Elite soldiers dutifully trained
Pained by ghosts who haunt our dreams
Screams! Waking to the blaring beep
Jeep warns us of the bombing plane

** This poem is in honor of all those who have come under enemy fire while protecting our freedoms.

The Shape of Things Before

Toe the cigarette
scraping orange fiber
across callous cement;

From which moist vise
did you come? Unknown
ruby or cracked and bled?

Down to the butt, or
perhaps filter; it says
time spent thinking;

Or you may have only dropped
in this place; a long walk done
and reaching this spot ended;

Now you’ve been toed twice,
by a master who used you, and
an intruder wondering what was.

Bound in Earth

Fully. Undead. Listen where I’ve gone
My voice. Hoarse. Whisper a broken song
The earth so formed. Iron. Stone. Dust
Deeply dug. Down and down, down
Lumbricina, Moniligastrid. Weave my frown
Acid hungers. Soil eats. My bones to rust
Sights remembered from long before
Eyes vestigial. Sense above, earth breathes
Lit world entombing, pressing. Mind seethes
Toes curl. My animated truth as of lore
Yearning, clawing. Bound by weight
Hearing all. Eardrum, rock magnifying
Prayers to the death god, long enduring
Years on years. Appetite grows, will not sate
Long have I known my punishment
Agreed. Mistake. Oh, please, relent.