Legends speak of a time with great magic, sealed away for reasons long forgotten. "Stories for children and fools," say the intellectuals who believe in scientific discovery. Though some still consider the legends to be true.

"By the Light" is the first book in a fantasy series set in the kingdom of Litrios. War is ever present, the end of one conflict sparks the beginnings of the next. Rebels have banded together to usurp the throne, believing the rule of King Darnis to be the cause of the continued turmoil. Lack of men in the royal army causes the crown to conscript from the villages of the kingdom. Brian must choose to let his brother be taken or to volunteer in his place.

The idea for "By the Light" came to me when I heard rumors of a "Legend of Zelda" TV Series. I was considering what I would do with the series if I wrote it. Since I would most likely not be writing for such a series, I decided to take the idea and evolve it into my own creation.

Thank you for checking out my book. If you like what I’ve written so far, please pre-order and share with anyone you think might be interested. I’m hoping to get funded but I will continue to work on this either way.