Skeleton Jamie Brindle · Author · added almost 4 years ago
Hi John, just wanted to say I've read the couple of bits that you've put up, and it looks really good.  Your tone seems strong and assured, the writing is clear, the setting is intriguing.  Would like to see more!  All the best,

Thanks for following Matt and Jeremy, the fact that you're interested enough to follow has reignited my own interest in this project. I’ll put some more chapters up later, but I’ve very new to the Inkshares platform, so you’ll have to forgive my ignorance in that matter. I’ve found that it doesn’t like IE so far, after losing four sets of edits.

It's still very much a side project, even though I have 100k written it's not had my main attention for a few years now, it's very much fluid so what you see here will be really raw, but that's not to say I won't develop it later.

Again, thanks for your time. Much appreciated.