Brave New Planet Manifesto is a book about Genevra, a woman from the planet Shambhala, who is working for the IFJ, Interplanetary Federation of Justice.

Now that Terra de Madre has been liberated, it is time to draft a Brave New Planet Manifesto to ensure life, liberty, and justice for all living beings in the solar system.

The life-sustaining blue planet known as Terra de Madre is well known throughout the IFJ for the survival and courage of the humans, but few knew that the legends were true.

Xromu is the Seeker and leader of the evil and dangerous Elite Mudalupes, He has been the leader behind the takeover of Terra de Madre many millions of years ago. He and his followers are known as the downfall of man, and the scourge of humanity.

Genevra, like everyone else on the countless planets within the IFJ, had heard the rumors. When she arrived on Terra de Madre to serve humanity and help free them from Xromu and his followers, she was shocked to find that the legends were true!

Evil Xromu himself put the last piece of the puzzle into place for the liberation of Terra de Madre, and indeed, for all who live in the human’s solar system, the Silky Ribbon.

Apparently with his redemption, the mercy of The One, and of the tenuous forgiveness of the spirited, indomitable, terrestrial beings on Terra de Madre (each one has a voice that matters), he has been given a chance to prove his loyalty, to promote life and liberty, for all living beings, animals, planets, solar systems, and any and all alternate realities within his lifespace, and of any and all timelines within the past and/or forward-time manipulations.

His near-death experience was a shock to all, but apparently, mostly to him. For he has proven by his actions that he now has a profound understanding of every living beings rights to free life, chosen love, and gifted liberty simply for being born.

His previous takeover of the humans and all that lives within the Silky Ribbon, had lasted for so many thousands and thousands of repeated years for humanity, that it has taken the IFJ much more time than they hoped to help free this solar system full of life.

We all now thank The One for showing Xromu the truth about life and death. Sometimes a person completely changes when they get a glimpse into life after death and sees into their future where their body is no longer alive, but yet their spirit still lives. It was this type of enlightenment that finally caused real transformation for Xromu, and indeed, for all of his race within the Mudalupes, for they through The One’s natural, supernatural magic, have also felt the energetic lift, and have become part of the Brave New Planet’s spiritual shifts!

As trust grows based on Xromu’s actions, and of course the readings of the auralyzer, amazing things have happened on Terra de Madre.

So far, he has been invited to take part in the drafting of the Brave New Planet’s manifesto, not because he is now a good living being with a heart, but because the directions from The One calls for expansion of hearts to have mercy for others transformations, as we are given mercy when our spirits leave our bodies, and for the intelligent application of all that is accumulated during one’s lifespace, into tangible changes that promote the health and happiness of every living being born, and yet to be...