I’ve been encouraged by Launch Pad to open a campaign, even though I am not promoting this right now. Feel free to ask questions and learn more about Bound in Shadows!

Hello to the watchers of the Shadows!

As you may know, Bound in Shadows is one of two book projects I have in the Top 75 of the Launch Pad manuscript competition. My outreach efforts, however, will center on my sci-fi work, Far Flung.

Maybe you’ve noticed that I had a cover made for Shadows. That cover is my promise to you - I care about Shadows just as much, and it will get my best treatment, as soon as possible. Far Flung will be the focus for now - and if you pre-order it and help me win, I can promise that both books will be completed much more quickly knowing that eager readers are awaiting my work.

Oh, and there’s even a nice incentive for pre-orders - if you have a book on Inkshares or Amazon, I will read your preview and write a 1-2 paragraph summary of my first impressions. I’ll share the review on my blog (writeorelse.com) and on Twitter, and help readers discover your work!

Just send me a message when you order, and let me know which work you’d like me to read & review. You can even suggest a friend’s book if you don’t have your own.

Thank you in advance for helping me. A publishing deal for either of these works would be a huge game changer for me and my family!

Good News Everyone!

Both of my stories made it into the Top 75 of the Launch Pad competition!

This means that both Far Flung and Bound in Shadows are in the running for the Top 25 and Top 10 when they are announced in September. One of these two stories could win a deal with the Tracking Board and Launch Pad!

Far Flung is a sci-fi epic with influences from Star Trek, Iain Banks’s Culture series, and my love of all things space and astronomy. Join the crew and colonists of a lost spaceship as they struggle to survive in a galaxy far from home.

Bound in Shadows is an epic fantasy that grew from my absolute fascination with Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series, and incorporates a good old revenge plot with a dark antihero. Follow Julien Akendrick, a former noble turned bandit, who battles against the forces of the prince who killed his family and the demonic being that has taken residence in his very soul.

In light of the Nerdist contest campaign for Far Flung and how that turned out, it remains to be seen what will happen here on Inkshares with the two entries. Let’s just say that the timing is not optimal for another campaign ...

Anyway, what you can do now is simply follow both stories and please leave a review. If you have a story project on Inkshares, I will be happy to exchange reviews - just let me know by direct message!

Your support will make all the difference as I work on edits and find out more about what this win means and how I can use it to help get these stories done!

Thank you so much!

- Chris