About the story

She is a blight on her family’s name. A half-breed between a Demon Lord and his favorite slave. Thana has never had a place in the home she has always known. When her sire finds himself in an debt he cannot repay, he sells her off to Rhoeshard, a well-to-do vampire.

Expecting to be no more than fodder--a fate only slightly worse than what she experienced with her family--Thana discovers that Master Rhoe and his own master, Khelman, want more from her than she thinks she can give. Despite her objections, she becomes caught in a web of fear and comforts of the flesh.

The World of Bought

I would say the setting of Bought is a toss up between our middle ages and the Victorian era. On occasion more modern ideas crop up, but it’s not typical.

There are five types of beings living in the world:


Vampires are of the highest caste. They control almost everything in society. For the most part, they rule fairly, if not a little too firmly. Even though they are in charge, most of them are so old that they are shying away from dealing with day-to-day affairs.


The Demon kind are next in line for power. They are not too far behind the Vampires. Generally, they are war-like and very strict about their places within their society. Halflings are severely frowned upon.


Caught somewhere between human and animal, Beastwalkers are used mostly as guards. As a whole, they are not too bright, but are very strong.


Humans are on the lowest rung of society. They are used as Vampire fodder for the most part. However, in the last century, Vampires have been more lenient, allowing them to grow their own society. With the increasing number of Magi, magic users, they are setting up to become a new powerhouse.

The Pix

The Pix are outside of the main groups of life in the world of Bought. They stick to themselves, hiding out in the forests. They are powerful magic users, which makes it easier to keep other beings away from them. Another name they go by is Fairyfolk.

About Erica

I have lived just about my entire life in Baltimore, Maryland (and I’ve managed to not get shot even once!). There was a brief stint where I lived in Philly, but it doesn’t need mentioning. I’m talking less than three months...

Since I haven’t really been a lot of places, writing has been a bit of an escape for me. I’ve always had a very active imagination so coming up with a new tale is easy. On any given day, I’d say I have at least ten full length novels floating in my head.

A few years ago, I had a short story, Decontamination, published under the penname E.D. Beale (think "edible"--I thought I was being cute). I even made a few dollars off of it. Eventually, I went on to self-publish a collection of stories in an anthology I called Tales of Erotasy. I made significantly less money there, but it was worth a shot! Life is nothing if you don’t take risks. This is also what made me decide to give this a shot.

I blog off and on at Hey, It’s Erica!! More updates are coming now that I am working on this project.

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