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I'm a bit upset that this story was left unfinished to the 7th chaper in Literotica, then you posted a small comment that you came here and we could read the rest of the story here. You never mentioned we'd have to pay for it. Highly disappointed.That will be one story I will never finish. Being disabled and and homebound I don't have much to do or look forward to except for reading. It's my one joy. 

To my followers and Companions,

Man,  I have been having a total blast working on Bought. I've been exploring new skills and building up a base. More importantly, I've been working my butt off trying to get it finished.  Right now, I'm at very close to achieving my writing goals for the week. It's been a little hard since I've been on "the good stuff" after a minor procedure on my ankle (it still hurts, but what can you do?).

I think the best part is I'm not in it to win it. I just want to prove I can do this to myself. I've been feeling pretty lost lately in who I want to be and what I want to do with myself. Since starting on this project, I feel so alive and happy (and this isn't just the good drugs talking).

I've started a Facebook page for the novel.
I'm making updates via my blog, Hey, It's Erica.
I've made a couple of videos in regards to the story, with another one coming this week, most likely: The Trailer, The Introduction to Bought.

Since I have a blog, if you're interested in doing a little advertising for your own works, we can definitely work something out. Just drop me a line!  Also, I'm always happy to do a Twitter shout out for you. The way I see it, any little bit helps! I want others to feel as enriched and encouraged as I do. I think that's really the point of this deep down.

While I have you, here is a little extra from the story. Originally this was part of Chapter 2, but I might split it into its own chapter. Enjoy!

Chapter 2.5

Master Rhoe led her down a series of stairs and hallways which all seemed to blur together, mostly because her mind did not want to focus.  She was walking slightly behind a creature with powers nearly as old as time itself, if legends served correctly. 

How would she escape this place?  Would Master Khelman be true to his word and allow her to leave at the end of the week?  The man could tear her apart with a thought should he decide to.  Was she brave enough to turn him down?

Her master stopped in front of a door and gave her a half smile. “This one belongs to you, Pet.”

Rhoe stepped aside and gallantly bowed before her.  With caution to not touch him in any way, she walked into what would be her room. 

In her head she imagined it would be nothing more than a hole in the wall, which was more than she had in her father’s home.  This room was quite different.

Much like the lower rooms of the house, her bedroom was finely decorated in deep, dark browns and beautiful reds.  Every inch of it was lavish to the point of almost being obscene.  The four poster bed could easily fit three of her and the stone fireplace not far from it was nearly as wide.  Slowly she moved to the bed, touching the beautiful red and cream colored comforter and taking in the luxurious silkiness of it.  From the comforter, she stroked a post and found it beautifully carved.

The ceilings were impossibly tall as though it dared to touch the heavens.  Dark wood framed the open space there and within was a very fine, gold and white painting.  It shimmered in the firelight, which gave her a trill of awe.

There was a small seating area, complete with a cream colored chaise lounge and dark mahogany book shelves, filled with books.  It made her ache that she barely knew how to read.  Her heart fluttered at the thought of relaxing in that space with a fine wine and an engrossing, enchanting book.

The floor beneath her was made of stone, though a plush burgundy rug covered most of it.  She grasped the fine threads between her bare toes and it felt softer than the material on the bed.

“Surely this is the wrong room,” she said quietly, but full of awe.

“Lesson one, my dear trinket, is I make no mistakes,” Master Rhoe told her.

In her best interest, she decided to keep her comments on his ego to herself.  She kept moving further into the room, observing various pieces in the room.  Thana stopped before a large dark oak vanity, covered in bottles of scented oils, perfumes, lotions, and face paints.  It was more than any woman could possibly need or want.

“We have had some time to plan for you, Pet.  I have wanted a lovely companion such as you.”

“This is all too fine for me.  I am undeserving.”

“Are you?” he purred.  “That is more my decision than yours. I suppose you believe your sister deserves this sort of finery?” When Thana nodded, he scoffed. “That bitch does not deserve air she breathes.” He pointed to an ornate golden box near the corner of the mirrored vanity. “Open it.  The contents are for your using.”

Hesitantly, she did as Master Rhoe commanded.  With shaking hands, she managed to open the box after a try or two.  Inside were some of the finest pieces of jewelry she had ever seen.

“I am sure they will be to your liking as well as the wardrobe.”

She looked back at the vampire with wide, eager eyes.  She never had nice clothing; everything she ever wore had been her sister’s hand-me-downs.  The pieces were so torn and tattered; Thana had a hard time putting it all together as something remotely decent to wear. 

As though reading her mind, he pointed to a pair of large double doors at the back of the room.  She knew she seemed more eager than she wanted to appear as she rushed to the doors.  When she finally opened the doors, she found a vast array of dresses and fine pants suits, as well as casual pants and tunics.  Shoes of every make and color littered the floor of the closet.  There were cabinets of accessories such as belts and hats. 

In one tucked away corner she found more interesting pieces.  Things that seemed impossible to wear were hidden there.  She pulled one from the closet, a leathery, strappy thing that, once worn, would leave very little to the imagination.

“You expect me to wear this?”

He smiled a very leering smile.  “That is to only be worn for someone special, and that someone is me.”

Slowly, with his eyes glittering like the predator that he was, Master Rhoe slithered into her beautiful bed.  Her stomach sank.  Without much effort, the man already sullied the experience by being in a space that was to be hers for the week.

She placed the garment back into the closet, making sure to make it more hidden than it was.  Continuing her search through the expansive closet, she found drawers of more personal items such as underwear and underbodices, all in matching sets. It embarrassed her to know that the man in the room more than likely picked these things himself.

“I am sure you wish to tidy yourself before bed, Pet.  Through the doors to the right is your private bathroom.”

Her eyes widened.  Her own bathroom?  She could not believe the luxuries. 

She grabbed the most conservative article of clothing from her temporary wardrobe and then hustled into the bathroom, closing and locking the door behind her.  She held her breath as she braced her thin body against the door with fear of retaliation coursing through her.  After a moment or three, she felt secure enough that Master Rhoe was not far behind her.  With a heavy sigh, she pushed away from the bathroom door. 

And she finally took in the bathroom.

While the rest of the house was in luxurious, deep reds and browns, the bathroom was blindingly pristine white and gold.  She actually rubbed her eyes from the brightness of it.  If it was so light at night, she couldn’t begin to imagine the room during the day.

She was pleased to find the bath full and delicately scented.  Eagerly she stripped her tattered clothing and let them fall to the floor, then stepped into the still wonderfully hot bath.

Her mind tumbled through the events of the evening and night. Sold without even a little regard from her family, but that was not surprising.  Now she was a budding mistress to a vampire and potentially the lady of a very fine home.  She did not want either thing.  The luxury did not outweigh the moral cost. Vampires could not be trusted.  They used and abused. Over centuries, they managed to rape all that the humans were and pushed the Fair Folks from their cities into the woods.  The only peoples safe from the plague were the Demons.

If she stayed with them, she would sell part of who she was out, and she couldn’t bring herself to do such a thing.  All she had to do was pretend long enough to make her escape, wherever that would take her.

She closed her eyes tightly and tried to focus on the distant hope dangled before her.  The world was a dangerous place and she had no idea of what would become of her.  The only promise was that she would no longer be someone’s slave.

The thought warmed her almost as much as her scented bath.  Both lulled her deeply within herself and her thoughts. 

All she had to do was to wait.

She settled back into the tub and allowed relaxation wash over her.  Before the last vision of freedom finished in her mind’s eye, she unknowingly drifted to sleep.


The feeling of eyes crawling on her bare skin pulled her from sleep.  She jolted with her whole body as her eyes shot open in shock.  It took a moment or two to process where she was, though it wasn’t where she remembered last. She didn’t remember finishing her bath, but somehow she made it to the bed, though without dressing.

When she tried to sit up, she noticed the chains tying her arms to the bed.  Frightened, she attempted to yank herself free.  As panic set in, she heard the laughter.

“Going somewhere, my pet?”

She jolted and looked to the end of the bed only to find Master Rhoe, draped on the edge of the bed.  He was mostly free of clothing; he wore butter soft leather pants and his torso was bare.

“Why am I chained?” she asked with an edgy tremble in her voice.

Master Rhoe smirked at her.  His long, elegant fingers danced across the bed until they delicately stroked one of her feet.  She quickly yanked it away causing him to smirk.

“I would not wish for my investment to flee.”

The thought would have crossed her mind at some point.  She had to admit that much to herself.  However, she still resented the accusations, especially after agreeing to Master Khelman’s terms.

“I would not do such a thing.”

Rhoe huffed at her. “It does not do you well to lie to me, my precious pet.”

He took one of her legs in hand and slowly traced the contours of it. This time, when Thana tried to pull away, Rhoeshard held on tightly.  He gave her a sharp look of warning, which made her still.

“Do not forget to whom you belong,” he hissed.

He continued his travels up her leg until he found the healing wound he left her from their carriage ride.  Gently, he stroked her skin there, which sent tiny shockwaves through her body, radiating from her womanhood. Thana bit back a moan.

“Oh, we are going to have so much fun, my dear pet.  You’ll see,” he chuckled darkly.

He pressed his long pointy fingertip to the wound roughly.  The tingling sensation inside her became stronger until she thought she may burst.  And just as she thought she would be swept away with orgasm, it stopped.

Her eyes flew open to find Master Rhoe’s eyes, twinkling with a malicious mirth.  Tears started to well within hers.

“So much fun,” he laughed as he stood from her bed.

Slowly he sauntered alongside the edge of the bed.  He grabbed her blanket and wrapped her in it.  All the while, his crystal blue eyes focused on her face, no doubt hoping for a twitch of anger or upset.  Thana, still gasping for breath from his earlier touch, managed to keep her face blank, despite the turmoil of feelings through her.

He bent to her, until his lips brushed just on her ear. “Until tonight,” he whispered. With that, he departed her company, leaving her confused, ashamed, and aching for more.

Chapter 2 has been posted. Find out why the Vampire Masters were eager to take Thana in.