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Though born to a life of relative privilege and trained from childhood to be a bodyguard to the royal bloodline, Ptielieren (pronounced t̬ɑɪ el ɑɪ eəʳ ɪn) starts this adventure having fled the nation to protect Traisyellianial. He and his companions are waylaid by the ferocious Kalutai and procured by a den of bugbears to serve as toys or pets for their cubs. The tale that follows is one of surviving in a physically and emotionally abusive environment when both fighting back and running away are not valid options.

There are moments of levity between the worst moments and the nature of abuse is often cyclical, with escalations occurring both randomly and when escape or defiance is attempted. The difference between inner and outer strength is pivotal in understanding those who survive abuse, and this book attempts to pay homage to those battered heroes. While this work is inspired both by personal experiences and by those shared by intimate friends, this is ultimately a work of fiction. It is my hope that, in putting this subject in a fantasy setting and via following a male protagonist, it allows for a more open view into a very real problem.

Born and raised in foggy Humboldt County at the northern edge of California, I have always been fascinated with the ways in which people adapt to extreme hardship and change. The many ways by which people with very little power or authority manage to control their lives, in particular, holds a special interest for me. I’ve seen too many battery victims brush themselves off and present a smile while slowly growing their sense of power to be satisfied with the sharp act of defiance displayed in many stories available on the market. Learning to thrive in an aggression-heavy culture does not usually happen all at once, and it can be very nearly impossible to leave when children or innocents are involved. That slow rise to strength cannot be entirely captured in just one story, but the moment when, in falling down the well, a true hero catches the walls, looks up, and decides to climb back into the light can be.

I’ve seen too much pain overcome with calm, deliberate steps, and I’ve seen too few books dedicated to portraying that slow, deliberate climb. Borehole Bazaar reflects this philosophy. It is the first of a series chronicling the Ptielieren’s personal development and growth as his nation of birth falls. Book 2 will begin funding on the same day that the release date for Book 1 is announced. My intention with this is to give an accurate estimate for followers regarding their investment’s return. Thank you to all for helping to give this dream a tangible reality.

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Prologue: Fiorie and Kroorrijk

Chapter 1: Pride Before All

Chapter 2: Learning Curve

Chapter 3: Progress and Regression

Chapter 4: A Small Concession

Chapter 5: True Surrender and a Fall From Grace