How does ’existential/transcendental fusion fantasy with bronze punk undertones’ grab you?

Borderlands is an Epic fantasy story told as a series of distinct Episodes. Each Episode is a novelette that follows a different character through the next segment of the story.

Season 1 is a bundle covering the Episodes 0 to 8.

0 - We follow Captain Ganse on a patrol sweep through the Borderlands to hunt down and destroy the Spawn.

1 - We follow Captain Doneir and learn of the red tape every Patrol Captain must battle at home.

2 - We follow Signalman and find out what it is to be a fresh recruit in an elite fighting force.

3 - We follow Sergeant Haddar as the success of the mission hangs by a thread.

4 - We follow Blue Eyes and learn what it truly means to be a ravenous monster.

and so on......