Hello everyone. My name is Patrick Gaertner. I’m a geek from Denver, Colorado who has been coming up with stories since I was in fourth grade.

My idea for a book is called Bloodhound. I’ts a story set in world where a small percentage of the population began developing superpowers in the 1930’s, known as Abnormals, and have now become an accepted part of society. It takes place in New Dover City, the largest city in America, and home to the largest percentage of Abnormals. The story will follow Detective Marv Morrison, a veteran of the NDPD working in the Abnormal Crimes division. Marv is an abnormal himself, but drew the short straw when it came to gifts, and only has a super-human sense of smell. Together with his human partner Angie, Marv works to find the identity of a serial killer who is ravaging the city while most of the major superheroes are off fighting in an alien civil war.

I’m a huge fan of hardboiled noir novels, and have wanted to write a detective story for some time, and decided to pair it together with another favorite genre of mine, superhero comics. My major inspirations for this story have been the novels of Raymond Chandler, the DC comic series Gotham Central, and my obsession with the Marvel comics universe as a whole.