Some may know the story of Erzsebet Bathory, Blood Countess of Cachtice Castle, a woman who bathed in the blood of the hundreds of women she brutally tortured and killed. But is there more to this sensational story?

This tale of horror is told from the perspective of Katarina, the lifelong attendant to the Countess. Katarina has learned to survive in Erzsebet’s world of magic and blood, and uses her unique position to help shield other women from the wrath of Countess Bathory. But Katarina is not necessarily the subservient and loyal attendant she seems, and she is just discovering a deep and ancient power of her own...

The myth of Erzsebet Bathory has captured my interest for well over a decade. Erzsebet allegedly killed anywhere from 250-650+ women (depending on which accounts you read), however the validity of these accusations have long been questioned. Many believe that she was a political target, no more brutal or bloodthirsty than men of her same political standing, and that she was deliberately slandered and targeted. Many movies and novels have been inspired by Bathory, but they tend disregard the political currents of the time and focus solely on her alleged crimes, and fixate on the sexuality of her character.

I want to take the Myth of Erzsebet Bathory further and honor not only the history and strength she had living in a man’s world, but also honor the women who found themselves trying to survive in a world that didn’t view them as human.

After several attempts at starting, I’m writing in earnest and am currently honing my rough draft, along with outlines and character bios. As the chapters are edited and polished, I will be posting them, as well as character bios and historical facts about Erzsebet Bathory and her supposed crimes. I also am using accurate and researched references from 1600’s Hungary (where Erzsebet lived) , and traditional Hungarian names, rather than Anglo influenced versions.

Hopefully you’re intrigued by The Blood Countess as much as I! I will be open to feedback on active drafts throughout the course of this campaign and hope that you’re willing to join me in bringing Erzsebet Bathory into the light.