Tagline: Can redemption be found even in the blackest of souls?  

Logline: When a ruthless Viking warrior gives his life to save a stranger, his soul is sent to the realm of Innløsning where he must regain enough honor to earn entry to Valhalla.

Synopsis: Skjalgir has led a harsh life, and he has let it twist him into a cruel and bitter man.  He and his band of mercenaries make their trade in blood, selling their swords to the highest bidder.  Yet, when Skjalgir is cornered after a battle he finds himself defending a helpless woman and her fellow villagers.  In that battle, he loses his life.  Rather than letting his soul go to the lower realms of Niflheim, the village elder performs a ritual to send him instead to Innløsning.  There, in that in-between place, Skjalgir must fight to gain honor in the eyes of the gods so that he may enter Valhalla.  

It will be no easy task, however.  In this realm of the lost dead, souls must be careful, for if they die again they will be completely destroyed forever.  Not only that, but Hel, the Goddess of death, knows the terrible things Skjalgir has done in his life, and she wants his soul in her realm where he can face her judgment.

Skjalgir will be faced with malicious spirits, the minions of Hel, and learn to overcome the darkness within that made him so cruel and corrupt in the first place.  The In-Between places are full of other dark entities, as well, and their foul plots could bring an end to life on all worlds if Skjalgir cannot stop them.  Will Skjalgir overcome his personal demons and regain his seat in Odin’s halls?  Or is there truly no redemption for the blackest souls?