The world may have been made in seven days, but it was a real slipshod operation. Godstuff littered everywhere, nothing actually nailed down. Just a mess. Witches have been around the whole time, keeping the chaos at bay, shoring up the edges of reality that would drive humanity mad, at best.

When a Word of God is uncovered, Abbie, a never been tested witch, and a new single mom, must answer the Witch’s Call to retrieve the Word of God by whatever means necessary, while keeping the Word out of the hands of the demons and grim reapers that prowl the hidden corners of Los Angeles.


Hello, my name is Scott F. Couchman. I tend to write light urban fantasy, or what I like to call suburban fantasy.

Years ago, I created a world where ex-Angels, ex-Demons and Reapers would fight through the centuries. Everything was a perspective on reality. I’ve tinkered with the world setting ever since, and Abbie the Witch popped into existence earlier this year. She has a tendency to roll her eyes at what most people say, and honestly would just prefer to live her life with her new baby. But the Witch’s Call is too strong, and she has an obligation to answer. She knows she’s not as powerful as she needs to be, but she does have a job to do.

I am feverishly trying to get the first chapter up for your consideration, but I hope these teasers intrigue you. What would you like to see?