When the stars rain down from the sky, who will rise up to meet them?

In the near future, mankind has taken its first steps out into the solar system, establishing long-term colonies on the Moon and Mars. Dozens of stations orbit the Earth, including two solar arrays that provide inexpensive energy to the entire planet, and several long-range telescopes peering out into the endless night.

Stationed aboard one of those telescopes, an astronomer named Marcus Donovan is about to discover something that will change our understanding of the universe — alien life lying in wait, cleverly hidden from view. But will anyone believe him?

Convinced that he’ll need more than a spreadsheet to make his case, Marcus cons his way onto a deep space mission in order to investigate in person. But as he blasts off into the waiting darkness, catastrophe strikes...

Invasion. A coalition of alien races armed with living technology rain fire down from orbit, reducing human civilization to ashes and rubble over the course of a single day. The world is left a shattered ruin... a smoking graveyard littered with billions of human casualties.

But there are survivors. Among them is Jack Hernandez, a pacifist and humanitarian aid worker with years of search & rescue experience. Accompanied by his Emergency Response team, Jack will transform himself into a freedom fighter in order to protect what remains of his species.

Neither Jack nor Marcus could have guessed, but the future of mankind will depend on them both. One will bond with an alien consciousness and gain power beyond imagination, while the other is tortured, broken, and forced to submit. Before all is said and done, each will discover things long hidden concerning humanity’s ancient legacy of war.


Hi! I’m Chris, and you’ve just read a description of my debut novel, Biotech Legacy: Stars Rain Down. I originally self-published the book in 2010, and I’m now excited to enter it in The Nerdist Contest here at Inkshares, where it will hopefully blossom and find a whole new audience.

I’m a writer and graphic designer from Northern California, where we have tons of sunshine and hardly any water. I’ve been a fan of science-fiction and fantasy since birth, and my greatest ambition has always been to not just consume but create... to invent amazing worlds like nothing you’ve seen before, and tell stories inside of them that make you laugh, cry, and ask questions about the crazy world we share.

Biotech Legacy: Stars Rain Down is a finished novel, weighing in at 99,000 words, and maintaining a score of 4.2 stars at Amazon with 86 reviews. The sequel, Biotech Legacy: Long Fall, is also available, while the next book in the series, Biotech Legacy: Dawn Frontier, is currently in the planning stages.

Thanks for taking a look, and I hope you’ll help me take this series to the next stage of its evolution!