Beyond Order & Chaos is an interactive superhero adventure where every chapter ends in a choice that not only takes the story in wildly differing directions, but could determine the fate of the very universe itself!

The Lightning was given the gift of electricity, a gift he thought was merely an accident. But when his powers are robbed from him with a single word from his arch-rival, Light discovers a whole other world beneath the one he thought he knew - where superheroes are created and controlled by a mysterious organization whose conspiracy operates not just on a global scale, but with far-reaching ties to the cosmos and beyond. Light finds himself thrust into a journey filled with double-crossing spies, cosmic gods and ancient heroes.

Will you infiltrate the world’s premier super-team to discover a traitor in your midst? Will you travel across the galaxy to wrestle with gods and horrors of the abyss alike? Will you work with the world’s greatest detective and solve the mystery of The God Complex? Beyond Order & Chaos imagines a universe where every choice has a consequence, where the boundaries of heroic genre fiction are excavated and explored, and where the battle isn’t just between good and evil, but the eternal struggle of fate vs. choice.

About the Author

I’m a writer from Atlanta, GA who is steadily cultivating a career at this writing thing. My stories have appeared in various publications, most notably Cranial Leakage, Fictionvale Magazine and the annual Tales of the Shadowmen anthology. I’ve also got The Mummy’s Hand at the Center of the Universe coming soon from Pro Se Press as a digital short, my very first publication all by my lonesome.