Steve Russell
I read very few books—they usually ruin the movie---but can’t wait to get this one. 
Reader Writer
not one you can easily put down
Mark Lingenfelter, MD
Excellent vignette…A great first chapter! Would serve very well as a teaching example as well as a nice bit of humor and cultural learning…Very nicely done. Have preordered the book! 
Christina Ramia, RN FNP
I read your sample chapters and as a fellow nurse can really appreciate your stories. 
Chris Gauthier, RPh
I really enjoyed what I read. My mom was a catholic nun trained nurse and your stories made me smile.
Linda Frenette, ARNP
Started out great. Hysterical and fun. 
Lynn Johnson Davenport
Enjoyed what I read—can’t wait for a copy!  
Nicole Tripp
Can’t wait to read this book! The stories nurses can tell from years of practice...... there isn’t much we haven’t seen or heard.
Terry Lynne Hallsey-Scott
  Having known and worked with Ray a number of years, I'm sure it will be bursting with wonderful stories, filled with both compassion and humor.
Lynne Estes
  This will be a good read. Lynne Estes