Betting on outsiders in bookmakers

Most players bet on the favorites of the match. Outsiders are often not considered as likely candidates to win. Occasionally bets on them are still made - with a solid plus handicap.

Most players bet on the favorites of the match. The outsiders are usually not considered as probable candidates for victory. Occasionally bets on them are still made - with a solid plus handicap.

In this case, betting on outsiders has a big advantage: there is no need to constantly win to get. With an average sports betting odds of 4.00 it is enough that at least a third of the bets win. The main thing is to find the right events and work correctly with the probabilities.

When it is possible to bet on underdogs

When planning a bet, it is necessary to study the peculiarities of each individual match. There are several cases when betting on outsiders is justified.

The first case is an inflated odds. Perhaps the bookmaker like made a mistake and set a higher odd than he intended. Maybe the players overestimate the odds of the favorite and bet exclusively on it - in that case the bookmaker can raise the odds of the underdog, thereby lowering the risks.

The second case is super motivation. In any sport there are eternal rivals. Even if the underdog is at the bottom of the standings, it can take points away from the championship favorite at the expense of the highest motivation. The reason for the confrontation can be geography, politics, etc.

It is often the case when the favorite fulfills all tournament goals, and he needs the victory only for statistics. The underdog needs to stay in the top division, make the playoffs or get into the European Cup. And the team in this case will play on the brink.

Another case is the underestimation of the outsider. The top 3 team, when playing against an underdog club, sometimes underestimates the opponent’s chances, featuring the second squad and young players. In the absence of the main roster, the outsider’s chances of winning increase.

The fourth case is match-fixing. In theory, such matches happen, and quite often. In practice it is revealed only after the fact, when some sports official, caught red-handed, begins to testify. Ordinary betting customers are left to pay attention to some of the signs that one of the teams is going to blow the match:

The absence of key players and/or the team’s coach. Apparently chaotic change of odds, when a team that was an outsider in the morning, in a few hours goes to the leaders and vice versa. Bookmaker’s offices cut the maximums for players wishing to bet on this match.

None of these signs are a crime, but they make you wonder if the match will be played fairly.

How to bet on underdogs in soccer

Traditionally, the most popular sport for betting is soccer. This also applies to betting on underdogs. Most matches involve teams with different chances to win, and the spread of odds on the outcomes is quite large. A bet is often made by a fixed percentage or a flat.

The first thing a player should do is to choose a tournament where you can bet on underdogs. Most of the sensational wins happen in matches of the English Premier League or the Champions League. The British Championship is characterized by a tough tournament schedule, coinciding with European Cup matches. Because of this, the coaches rotate a lot. Finances play a big role in the Champions League, every win brings a club a nice sum of money in Euros.

To bet on the underdogs it is worth having accounts in several bookies. The difference in odds in different betting shops can be 3 or more points. This applies not only to soccer matches, but also to hockey and other group sports disciplines.

For instance, during the CSKA-Admiral match in the CHL, different betting companies offered to bet on the victory of the Admiral at odds between 4.00 and 8.00. Admiral won for a number of reasons, including underestimating their opponent, their lack of motivation (second place in the standings against a team from the bottom of the list), and a solid history of head-to-head encounters.