Join in the journey
Of my friend Bert
Whose legs are so short
His behind drags in the dirt

His body is orange
His wings are too small
But that will not stop him
Not one bit, not at all

Ol’ Bert he loves to travel,
You might think it odd,
But here you’ll see proof
In the tales of Bert Abroad!

Bert was created in London, but moved to California when he was only a few months old. Ever since, he has wanted to travel and see the world. Finally, he was given his chance…

Bert has now journeyed all over London, Ireland, France, Morocco, Amsterdam, and the United States. Originally, we captured his adventures in poems & photographs on Bert’s blog You can see more of his explorations there, or follow him on Twitter @BertAbroad.

Our goal now is to turn Bert’s adventure blog into a children’s book series.
My hope is that we will get enough pre-orders to make this book happen! Then we would redesign the book with the Inkshares team. Until then, please enjoy these rough treatments!




  • A copy of the book
  • Access to drafts & updates from the author



  • Your name in the book!
  • Three (3) copies of the book (they’ll make great Christmas presents!)
  • Access to drafts & updates from the author