Beneath the Surface will take you to a world that has just as much mystery as it does surprises. Magic is a thing of the past to the people of the Marshlands, but the sudden and strange disappearance of an entire village full of people says otherwise. The captain of the Marshlands patrol believes someone is using a lost book of magical knowledge to seek revenge against her people, and she needs to find it before the warlord of the Mainlands completely overruns them. They must go to the Underworld, a region on the coastline riddled with underwater caves and home to the exiled citizens of the Marshlands who have contracted the Plague. However, there’s far more that dwells in evil and hunger than meet’s the eye. Just how much of your humanity would you sacrifice to survive? That’s what these desperate people have to decide as they venture into a place where staying alive has never been a likely outcome.


My name is Alex Coombs and this is my debut book. I recently graduated with my Master’s degree and my wife and I live with our three cats and two dogs. Beneath the Surface has been so much fun to create, and I hope you will enjoy it as well!