Eons ago, the Golden Age of Mankind ended in blood and fire. The nations sundered by their own hubris and technological innovation. Powerful beings with strange power now rule vast territories. Some worship these beings as deities. Others cling to the age-old faiths of man. Proclaiming their overlords as demons sent to lead us all astray from the true God.

Azralin is one of the "Chosen." He has defended his faith in his chosen deity with pride against the unbelievers. He has emerged victorious in countless battles against rival Chosen and the Old Church. He has never met a challenge he could not overcome.

Save for one... Halura. A woman that despises his faith but whom his heart cannot deny. As Chosen, he is forbidden to associate with the unfaithful. If only he could change her mind...

At the same time, a shadowy cult has begun to take hold within the realm. One that has promised to destroy everything Azralin holds dear if he dares to oppose them.

His duty demands he forsake Halura. His heart demands he manage to convert her faith. His pride demands he answer the cultists’ challenge. He must choose to serve one Before All Others.