Joseph Tandlin and Cheyanne Stamberg, both outsiders for different reasons, find the love and acceptance they had always wanted in each other. In reality, they find that love is not so simple in a world that tries to reduce you to something less than a person. In the wake of loss, hatred, and abuse, the question becomes do you allow the world to reduce you or do you start to desire it. This puts them on a twisted path of debaucherous sexual encounters and in the sights of a dangerous individual.

Author’s warning: This book deals with topics like violence against women and other groups, discrimination, bigotry, racism, and other topics that might not be suitable for and be offensive to some audiences. I want to make it clear that myself as the author does not endorse or promote any such acts or discriminatory behavior. The hateful language used by some of the characters are is included in this. This book attempts to delve into and expose the connections between these topics in hopes of giving the reader a better understanding of what might lead to them.