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Something Different

Joshua Tandlin approached the darkest, unlit part of the wooden, backyard fence, and peered over it to see that there were a couple groups of kids on the other side talking, a good distance away from him. He could tell a good number of them were already drunk, and wouldn’t be paying too much attention or care if he stealthily climbed over the fence. He easily made the climb it over without anyone even looking his way.

Josh was probably the most average white small town teenager that anyone could ever know. At the age of 18, he found that he was so average that most people treated him like he didn’t exist. His average grades in school made him unremarkable in the eyes of most of his teachers and his family long held that view of him, and paid him very little attention. When it came to dating, there wasn’t any because the mentality of most of the girls in a community where everyone knew everyone else was to continuously go after the same guys that had some notoriety to them so they could glom some of it for themselves. The usual reaction he got whenever he attempted to talk to one of them was to engender a visible sense of aversion, but the feeling would eventually become mutual from within him. He felt that all of the girls he saw on a daily basis where purposely self-made cookie cutter cutouts created to blend in with each other, and sharing the same small brain. He had no interest in them, and wanted something different from them.

The “different” that Josh was looking for came when he heard of one of the kids in his neighborhood was having a party while their parents were out of town. Of course, he was not invited, but he decided he would crash it out of sheer small town boredom. His successful, unnoticed entry emboldened him so much that he strolled right into the house as if he was the guest of honor. He had taken a couple steps into the party when he saw her. She stood up against a wall alone, puffing on a cigarette, and in her own world. Josh was a white kid with a stocky build and stood 5’ 11” with short brown hair compared to her as a “little person” being 4 feet even. She was white with blonde hair, but wore it in corn rolls with the ends tied in a rat tail, and every other roll was dyed silver gray. She wore deep blue lipstick and fingernail polish on her nails, and clothes that didn’t seem to fit any style commonly worn by the other girls that he was used to seeing. He decided that he would talk to her, but felt awkward just walking up to her, until he saw unopened beers sitting in a bucket of ice on a nearby table. He cautiously stepped over to the table as to not draw attention to fact that an uninvited guest was pilfering drinks, and grabbed two from the bucket. He began making his way over to her, and, without thinking, opened both of them. The girl began to notice him as he approached, and eyed the opened beers in his hands. He walked up with an attempt at a sly smile on his face as he presented her with one of the open beers as if he just expected her to take it.

Josh, being one who didn’t talk to the opposite sex that often, looked awkward to her in his nervous attempt not to look awkward, and his presumptuousness was causing her to give him a suspicious eyeing over. The thought then hit him. “Why would a strange guy hand a girl an open beer, idiot!”. He started becoming nervous as she made no move towards his offering, and he had to think quick to save himself before his nervousness became obvious. With a knowing nod and desperate idea in head, Josh threw back his head, lifted the can above his mouth, and poured some of the offered beer down his throat. After the quick demonstration, he turned to her with a satisfied look on his face. “See nothing wrong with it.”, he said to her. He immediately noticed her look had now shifted to a mix of being perplexed and disgusted. He decided to push through this weird moment between them, and just starting talking to her by introducing him and asking her name. At the point that they began to talk, she slowly overlooked his weirdness as she noticed something about him that interested her. He talked to her and not through her like most people that didn’t have her condition if they didn’t outright ignore her. This was usually after pretending not to stare at her. He just talked to her like she was anyone else. This usual treatment was one of the many reasons why she had almost not come to the party. The only reason she had come was because she had been talking to one of her friends earlier that day when a boy walked up and interrupted them. He began talking to her friend, completely ignoring her as she had expected. When he invited her friend to the party, he threw out a “You can come too.” as the only words he was going to say her as if she had been part of the conversation, accompanied by a fake smile as not to seem inconsiderate. Her friend encouraged her to go so they could hang out together, brought her to the party that night, and completely ditched her during it.

Her name was Cheyanne Stamberg, but her few friends called her “Chey”. They were both 18 and had a lot of common interests. In conversating, she would go on to tell him about how she did her own hair, and made some of her clothes which he found fascinating. They figured out that they had always lived a couple miles from each other, and they went to high schools on the opposite sides of town. They found themselves talking into the early hours of the morning as the party began to break up, and would exchange phone numbers before going their separate ways. In the following days, they would cross each other’s minds, but would never say as much in the flurry of text messages that flew between them. They would eventually setup a date for the movies on the following Saturday. When Saturday came, he drove up in his 4 door sedan that was almost as old as he was, to her house to find, to his surprise, that Chey standing outside near the street, waiting for him. He pulled up to her, and started to get out as he brimmed with an excitement that a week of a text messaging her and the anticipation of their date had filled him with. She jumped in before he had the chance to get out. He had expected to atleast say something to her, before they left. He figured he would get to say "hello" to start with.

“Hey.”, he started.

“Hey.”, she replied nervously.

“No meeting your parents or opening your car door?”, he joked dryly.

“Nope.”, she responded flatly. Josh’s excitement began melting into nervousness as his drove away from the house. Chey had her own nervous energy swirling about her as well. When her house had disappeared behind them, she began to relax. “Sorry about that. My parents… are not the most understanding people.”

“Things we have in common.”, he replied sympathetically. They continued to talk as he drove, and the mood lightened between them. He noticed her for the first time as she sat next to him. She had her hair in a crown braid that was dyed orange and decorated with colorful custom jewelry, dangling earrings rested on her shoulders, her lipstick was red, her eyeshadow was light blue, and her fingernails were clear acrylics. She wore a tight blouse with blue jeans, and knee high black books that gave her a couple extra inches of height. Josh tried to not to stare at her as he pondered how incredible she looked, and felt a little underdressed with his t-shirt, kaki jeans, and knock off “brand name” sneakers. The movie they went to see was the current drama action-fest that everyone was talking about, and, after twenty minutes into it, they both realized that the other was completely bored. That was until he started whispering his own commentary about the movie in her ear. He would wait for just the right moments of overwrought dramatic tension or blatantly manufactured moments of sadness to inject his own words. At one point, he made her burst into laughter so uncontrollably that people in the theater began openly shushing her. After the movie, they went to a nearby fast food restaurant where they sat in its outside dining area. She smoked a cigarette as they talked to the point of losing track on time, and had to be kindly escorted out by the staff who were trying to close up for the night. The night ended when he dropped her off in front her house. She thanked for great night, quickly got out of the car, and urgently waved at him to go. He completely understood, and waved back as he drove off.

The texts would keep passing between them over the next couple days, and the subject of the next date eventually came up. Josh has no idea where to take Chey this time, since there really wasn’t much to do in their town, and she had no suggestions she could think of. The lack of suggestions on her part was secretly done on purpose to see what he would come up with and, mainly due to the fact that she didn’t really care where they went, as long as she got to spend time with him. The place or activity didn’t matter. She would never admit this to him though. Josh would decide to take her to one of his favorite places. He knew that there was a high risk that she would hate it, but he figured that if she did hate it, then the second date would have probably been the last no matter what they did.

“Do you trust me?”, he texted her.

“?”, she responded.

“Do you trust me?”, he texted her again.

“I barely know you.”, she responded after a couple minutes has passed.

“I know,”, he wrote back. “Will you take a walk with me then?”, he said in a following text.

“I guess. Where?”

“That’s where you have to trust me. Wear something you can walk in.”


When Josh picked her up for the second date, Chey, again, was standing at the street in front of her house. She immediately jumped in the car when it pulled up, and Josh immediately pulled off. Her orange hair was tied back in a ponytail with a newly added red streak going down each side, and a decorated braid coming down from each temple. It was the first time he had seen her plain faced, and found her natural beauty to be more attractive than any other time he had seen her. She was wearing a loose flowing white t-shirt, black spanx, and dayglow orange sneakers that seemed to match her hair. His look hadn’t changed much since the last date, except he replaced his t-shirt with a nicer button down shirt and greased back his hair. It was not long before Chey realized that Josh was driving out of the town. He had been secretive about where they were going during texting, and part of her was concerned about where they are going and part of her wanted to trust him. She settled somewhere around having apprehensive patience. They drove for a couple miles out of town, until there was just forest as far as the eye could see. The street lights eventually become non-existent, and their way was lit by the car’s headlights and the light of the full moon. They saw no cars behind them or coming in the opposite direction as if there was no one for miles around them. While the conversation between them steadily flowed, he still continued to be secretive about where they were going. After what was close to an hour of driving, Josh pulled over onto the side of the road. The area around them was indistinguishable from any other part of the forested area around them.

“We’re here. Follow me”, Josh said as he got out of the car. Chey got out of the car with her apprehension rising to a lite fear.

“This guy could do anything to me out here!”, she thought. “I can’t fight him. I can’t even get away from him on my dumpy ass legs.” She noticed that Josh was standing near what appeared to be a walking path leading into the forest, waiting on her with what appeared to be a welcoming smile on his face. She fought with herself for a split second. She could have demanded that he take her home, and hopefully, for her sake, he would have complied with her wishes. The second passed, and the part of her that won was backed by her own courage. “You only live… or die once. Might as well make it memorable.” Josh started down the path as she followed behind him. They walked the path for a short while through a shroud of trees, until the trees began to thin out, and eventually open up to an area around a pond.

“This is it.,” said Josh. “One of my favorite places to come.” A wave of relief washed over Chey as the horrible scenarios playing in the back of her head faded away. She still stayed in an apprehensive state since she had no idea of his intentions. “I like to come out here when I have to think about stuff.” He picked up a rock and expertly skipped it across the surface of the pond.

“Oh my gosh!”, Chey exclaimed out of sheer relief. “This is like something of out of a lame teen movie. We are either going to start talking about our feelings or be murdered by a serial killer.”

“Feelings!?”, replied Josh sarcastically, still looking over the pond in preparation to skip his next rock. “I’ve been dead inside for years.”. He heard only silence coming from her behind him. When he turned around and looked at her, she was biting her lip as her eyes watered and face contorted in an effort to halt an explosion of laughter. Josh made no attempt to stop his own rush of laughter at her which broke hers. Their combined raucous laughter rang out across the quiet woods. When their laughter began to die, Chey was looking up and noticed the sky for the first time. She hadn’t been outside of town this late at night for as long as she could remember to see the night’s sky without the ambient lighting of the town. She caught herself staring at the multitude stars. There were stars of different sizes that simply shined alongside others that twinkled while others sat in a stream of translucent white.

“How did you find this place?” asked Chey.

“I came out here with some people once,” Josh answered. “In the summer, kids come out here to camp and drink.”. His answer was a half-truth. About a year ago, he had been friends with a group of kids from his neighborhood, and they had brought them out there with a cooler full of beers stolen from their parents. Josh had gotten so drunk that he passed out. He woke up with a terrible hangover, lying on the ground, and was completely alone. He spent the better part of the day walking back into town. His “friends” thought it was funny when they saw him again, until he broke one’s nose. He never spoke to any of them after that, and never told anyone else about it. His animosity toward them was not extended towards the area, and he would return there multiple times to find some peace when things were not going well for him. Chey reservations faded away as they started talking, and Josh began to show her how to skip stones. She started off just lobbing it, but eventually got the hang of angling and arching her throws.

At some point, she pulled out her cigarettes, and lit herself one as she noticed their conservation was getting a little deeper than normal and that she was enjoying this more than she would have anticipated. That was the one thing Josh didn’t like about Chey. His own parents were both smokers, so, at any point or any time that he walked into any room of his house, he could enveloped in a noxious cloud of it. He wasn’t going to talk to her about it that night, but he would in a text the next day. He would simply ask her how she got started smoking, and her straightforward reply was: “Don’t like, kick rocks”. The prickly reply from her was to let him know that she had already picked up on his dislike of her habit, and that it’s not a something that was going to change anytime soon. He would drop the subject from then on.

The night went on with more laughter and talking, until Josh noticed that Chey was being to shiver. He looked at the time on his phone, and was shocked that it was already passed three in the morning. They had completely lost track of the good time they were having. He decided it was time to go, and took her home. When he dropped her off, it was the same as last time, he drove up to the house, Chey immediately jumped out, and Josh immediately drove off as he waved to her.

A few days later, Josh and Chey were texting each other as usual, and she mentioned that she as failing Chemistry class which she needed to graduate. She was currently working on a project for the class that she needed to get a good grade on to bring up her class grade to something that would allow her to pass. Josh already had Chemistry at his school, and, while he barely escaped it with a “C”, offered to help her out. They agreed to meet at the library that afternoon. Josh would find that helping Chey learn anything would be difficult prospect with her appearing to be almost reluctant to grasp what he was trying to get her to understand. It didn’t make it easier on Josh that Chey would lean in close to him every time they looked at the same book. Due to her height, Chey would often sit on her knees in the chair next to him allowing her to partially lay her upper body across the table in front of him. There were many times where all he saw was the top of her hair that was currently dyed black with blood red highlights that she had up in a French twist or a shot of her cleavage in her purple bra from above in her loose tank top. He did his best to avoid looking so he wouldn’t get caught. She could sense his discomfort when notice what was happening and began to enjoy setting him up for it. By the time the library closed, Josh felt they had made some small progress. Chey was going to call her mom to pick her up, until Josh offered to drop her off. When Josh pulled up to the house, he expected Chey to jump out as usual, but she didn’t. She turned to him instead.

“Thank you, Josh.”, she said with a warm smile on her face.

“No prob.”, he replied graciously. She started to get out of the car when she noticed the curtain on one of the windows of the house had moved slightly to the side. She realized they were being watched. She decided not to get out of the car.

“Can you step out of the car?”, Chey asked Josh. Josh was perplexed by the question. “Just turn off the engine.”

“You want me to come in?”, asked Josh as he turned off the engine. “Meeting your parents, huh?”. He went ahead, and got out of the car. He was standing with his back to her as he faced the house with the door of the car still open. He was trying to prepare himself for what he thought was about to happen.

“Josh, turn around, “. He turned around to see Chey crawling across the front car seat towards him as she motioned for him to come closer. Josh was not sure what was about to happen, even as Chey reached up to the button of his pants. His initial reaction was to back away from her. “Stay right there.”, she said in a softened tone.

“Chey, what are you doing?”, he meekly protested as he looked around for anyone who might see them. Luckily, her street was usually devoid of any life on a weekday night. She began to unbuckle and unzip his pants and pull down his underwear to reach in and pull himself. It was already close to a full erection as she started to manipulate it. She played with it as if inspecting it. She messaged it, until it ripened to its full length and its rigid thickness stretched across the palm of her hand. Josh, while wanting to pay attention to what she was doing to him, kept looking around nervously for anyone that would see them. He felt the rhythmic movement of her hand for a time, and his breathing completely halted as he felt the touch of her lips on him, waiting in anticipation. A shiver of pure ecstasy run through Josh’s body as he exhaled, and the all the tension in his body released itself as felt himself sliding into her mouth. Josh had never been given oral sex before. The sensation was enough to make his head swim. He feared his inexperienced body would embarrass him with a quick and untimely release, and made himself hold back by trying to concentrate on making sure they were not seen. Chey paused to examine this moment. The feeling of a man’s cock in her mouth, the taste of it, the sight of the curly black hairs at the base of his manhood, and the pleasant smell from whatever soap Josh used that still lingered on him. This was the first Chey had performed oral sex on anyone, so her movements were clumsy and indecisive. When she first tried to get a rhythm, her teeth scrape against its skins. The shock of pain that hit Josh caused a visceral reaction where started slam his fist on the top of the car, but stopped himself. Chey realized what she had done, and tried to be more careful as she continued. Josh’s breathes got heavy as waves of pleasure ran through him. He could not allow himself to look down at the scene happening below his waist for fear being propelled into an explosive finish. Josh was holding on the frame of the car for what seemed like several eternities as passage of time became a foreign concept to him. In actuality, it had been several seconds since she started when came to a stop, before moving backwards from Josh, allowing his rigid self, half dripping wet with her saliva, to pop out of her mouth. Josh’s breathing started to normalize, until he saw what see did next.

Chey scrambled over the front seats into the back while kicking off shoes with socks in tow, and sliding her pants and panties off in quick, fluid motion that looked like something that could have been considered as martial arts move. Josh’s mind was boggling at this, he didn’t know to make of any of it. Chey lay splayed out across his backseat, and was naked from waist down.

“Chey, what the fuck?!”, he exclaimed, trying not to be loud. She cocked her head to the side, and looked him straight in his eyes intently. It seemed as if she waiting for him and daring him to deny her at the same time. “This is not how actually how wanted this to go down.”. Chey could sense the sincerity in the tone of that statement, and could appreciate it, but she had no plans to relent.

“I wanted you to fuck me, Josh”, she whispered to him in a tone that was soft and sweet. “Don’t make me wait. I know you like me. I know you want me. Don’t disappoint me.” Josh was having his own moment of fighting with himself, and it came down to one thought. Josh was never a religious person, but believed in a higher power. He said a quick prayer to whatever power made him carry a condom that night and on previous dates in case the remote possibility of sex came up. He decided not to put further consideration into a thought in the back of head posing the question of he should being doing this at all.

“When I am 50, and I look back on this moment fondly, then I will think about how stupid I was,” thought Josh. He moved to and opened the back door of the car. Chey lay before him, waiting with oddly calm demeanor about her. She was surprised when he bent down, and slide between her legs headfirst. He was acting on instinct, putting his face inches away from the fine blond hairs of her sex. He paused to think what to do next, since it was also his first experience with oral sex. The sudden frantic movement that started between her legs, hit her with jolt that made her body jump. Josh got an interesting taste in his mouth that, in his mind, somehow combined with the pleasant smell of her skin to become intoxicating to him. She had to immediately put one of her knuckles in her mouth and bit down to stop from screaming, and tried to remember to breathe as the world outside of the backseat of the car faded from existence.

It wasn’t long before something began to rise up within Chey. It was an overwhelming, all in composing feeling that caused her heart to race, her vision blurred, and her mind reeled, losing all sense of anything else. She had no concept of what was happening to her, and, as it reached an unfathomable intensity and she thought she could take it anymore, Josh stopped. His raised his head up with his mouth glistening. The feeling that had taken over Chey rescinded from its intensity, but didn’t go away. During the time Josh had his face buried in Chey, he had been putting on his condom, and it was finally, firmly in place. He tried not to look awkward, once again failing, as he climbed over top of her, trying to find a good position since he towered over her small frame. She looked him in his eyes and he in hers as she waited in anticipation for him to enter her. When he thought he was positioned properly, he thrusted forward, thinking he would just enter, and ended up poking her in a very sensitive spot. She gave out a grunt of pain.

“Sorry”, Josh whispered as he reached down, took his self in his hand, and rubbed himself up against her, until he found her entrance. Chey was about to say something to him, until she felt him enter. A shock ran through her body, her muscles tensed, and her mouth was left hanging open. Her hands reached out and grabbed hold of Josh’s side as he slowly began.

“Josh,”, she labored to say through gritted teeth. “S-Slowly.” It took a second for him to understand what she had said, but he nodded, and complied. This had actually been fortunate for him, since he felt as if the finish line for him might be closer than he would have liked. He was gentle with her, his movements slow and careful, allowing their bodies gently touched and moved together as one. That mysterious feeling from before began to return to Chey even stronger and faster than before. Her heart raced and vision blurred as beads of sweat formed all over her body, she could only take short burst of breath, and she lost all ability for rational thought. She realized that she was experiencing her first organism as it rose up in her like a tidal wave blocking out anything else. She had just enough sense to cover her mouth to muffle an uncontrollable scream that escaped her lips as it smashed into her with a force equal to nothing else she had ever experienced. She completely disappeared into it. Josh watched this display underneath him, and it pushed him over the edge. He threw his head back, shutting his eyes tight as he went slack jawed. It felt as if his head exploded with an orgasmic flame.

Josh’s head came to rest next to Chey’s on the car’s leather backseat as they both returned to reality, and basted in the fleeting afterglow. They began to calm down, and Josh felt himself whither, retracting from inside Chey. She motioned for Josh to move off of her, so he sat up in the chair still trying to recover him self. She was still recovering also, but was urgently fishing around for her clothes and shoes. She found her pants, and quickly slid them on as she, without saying a single word, pointed at her shoes that were on the other side of Josh. It took the weary Josh a second to piece together what she wanted. He took the shoes, and handed them to her. She threw them on her feet, and immediately climbed over him to get out of the car. He, with myself still exposed, had no understanding of what was going, and would not be surprised if he just woke up in his bed with it all being some weird dream. Chey walked towards the house for few steps before stopping and turning back towards to car. She quickly walked back, and threw herself into Josh. At this point, nothing she could have done would have surprised him, until she kissed him. The kiss was so much more than the sex could have wished to be. Their lips touched and there was no beginning or end to it, it was a simple beautiful thing that seemed to have no length of time attached to it. When she pulled away from him, they stared at each other for a couple second, before she hurried away to her house. Josh gathered himself together, disposed of the condom in a nearby gutter, and left with many things running through his head about what just happened.

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