Fallon is a young man with a gift that can change people’s fates; he’s been imprisoned in a tower.

 Kai is a boy sneaking out to meet a girl. 

Aurin is a man in hiding with his son in a small village. When uninvited visitors arrive in their shop late one night, Kai is plunged into the middle of a war between gods and monsters that began when his father was young

You as the reader can help me identify areas in this story that need polishing. I reference the past, magical theory unique to this world, a long history of human/non-human interaction and conflict, and other concepts. I want to make sure that nothing is vague or confusing as people dip their toe into this world. Please let me know if you see spots that need improvement, more detail, or especially if you think there are spots that lack internal consistency. 

Thank you for reading my story!