To escape from his father’s oppressive expectations to become the next head of the family, the young prodigy will take any lengths to achieve freedom and adventure. But the cost might be more than he’s willing to pay.

Who am I?

Hello there! I’m a novelist with an anthology under my belt and a few writing courses completed. You might say ’green-horn’ while I say- well...yes. But also an optimistic go-getter filled with fresh, writer-ly knowledge! (you can check out the anthology here)

The idea for ’Battle of the Mages’ came from self-observation. We have all felt pressure to perform, to behave a certain way, to obtain certain expectations in life. I wanted to go beyond my daily pressures and explore a person’s life who was suffocating and overdosed with ’Tiger Mother’ or, in this case, ’Tiger Father.’ It’s one of those very hashtag relatable stories of coming-of-age, and finding their own way, despite the challenges from rejecting a loved one’s ideal image for you.


I’m active on the forums. I set out my writing journey not just to write, but to gather as much information about the craft as I could. I shoved all that knowledge into the bag of holding and came hauling it back here to share. I’m always interested in what other’s have to say, and I like those character creating conversations, adding input where the input is due and world building.