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My name is Caroline Jordan and I am a health and wellness coach based out of San Francisco California. I lead regular classes, workshops, and seminars designed to help people keep their minds, bodies, and spirits in great shape. I love what I do and everyday I am excited to share my passion with others. My goal is to make all of my work inspiring, uplifting, and provide resources participants can immediately use to improve their wellness and life. I believe in the power of this work, in creating an environment of awareness and support, and inspiring positive lifestyle changes in individuals (and hopefully the world as a result :) I have just completed my first book, “Balanced Body Breakthrough”. This book is my coaching resource guide to getting your body, mind, and spirit in great shape so you can love your life. It’s the modern hero’s journey from burnout to balance.

Through my work in wellness, I see so many people struggle to find balance, health, and self-love in their lives. Burnout is a growing epidemic that is making our world sick, tired, and joyless. My goal is to make this book a source of inspiration, information, encouragement, and support. Much of the content presented here is material I present at wellness workshops, speaking engagements, classes, and client sessions. The material has been so well received, I wanted to put it into one place in order to share it with others.

The introduction is my own personal story; It tracks how I recovered from burnout and became the balanced wellness coach I am today. Chapter One is an in-depth coaching exercise designed to help you define your ideal vision of success; to help you set smart goals and take action. The following body, mind, and spirit chapters are full of resources, strategies, and tools that can be used individually or together to accomplish your own personal goals. I designed each chapter to help you to take action towards achieving your vision of success and find balance in your life.



Introduction: The Modern Hero’s Journey - From Burnout to Balance

Part I: Vision

Chapter 1: Secrets for Success

Creating a Clear Vision

Where Am I Now?

Where Do I Want to Go?

Moving Ahead

Key Elements

Core Values





Define, Design, Commit, Succeed


Refining Your Vision

Sample Vision 1: Haley, Age 32

Three-Month Goals: Haley, Age 32

This Week’s Goals: Haley, Age 32

Sample Vision 2: Megan, Age 40

Three-Month Goals: Megan, Age 40

This Week’s Goals: Megan, Age 40

Putting It All Together: Get Going

Part II

Balanced Body

Chapter 2: Fitness

Cardiovascular Fitness

The Best Choice




Strength Training for a Powerful Life

Flexibility Training and Self-Massage

Active Living: How to Live Fit

Working Out at Home

Staying Active at the Office

Staying Active While Traveling

Putting It All Together: Creating a Weekly Fitness Plan

Sample Workouts

Sample Workout 1

Sample Workout 2

Chapter 3: Nutrition

Learn What You Need: Mindful Choices

Eat Healthy (Real) Food

Learn How Much You Need: Mindful Portions

Guide to Portion Size of Whole Foods

Learn When You Are Hungry: Mindful Eating

Plan Your Meals

Resources for Meal Planning

Breakfast—How You Start Your Day Is How You Live It

Fast and Fabulous Healthy Breakfast Ideas to Power You Up for Your Busy, Successful Life

All Natural Snacks for Energy and Health

The 80/20 Rule

Drink Water

Body Burnout and Booze

Socialize SMART: Booze and Beating Burnout

Putting It All Together: Healthy Eating for Life

Chapter 4: Rest and Sleep

Sleep Your Way to the Top

Putting It All Together: Get More Sleep

Chapter 5: Time Management

Put Yourself on the Calendar

Hire a Professional

Create a Healthy Routine and Plan

Just Say No

Use the Right Tools

Time Management and Productivity Tools

Putting It All Together: Balanced Body

Part III: Balanced Mind

Chapter 6: The Positive-Thought Diet

Mental Push-ups: The Power of Positive Affirmations

What Is an Affirmation?

Using Affirmations for a Balanced Body Breakthrough

Putting It All Together: Training a Positive Mind

Chapter 7: Gratitude as a Game Changer

How to Start a Gratitude Practice

Putting It All Together: Living in Gratitude

Chapter 8: Managing Stress for a Healthier Mind-set

Controlling Common Stress Triggers

Natural Ways to Ease Stress and Beat Burnout



Set Boundaries with Technology



Deep Breathing

Ease Your Mind

Putting It All Together: Balanced Mind

Exercise Awareness

The Positive Diet

Positive Affirmations


Minimize Stress

Part IV: Balanced Spirit

Chapter 9: Reflection—Go Inward and Go Often

Developing a Reflection Practice

Putting It All Together: The Inner Journey

Chapter 10:Self-Esteem and Self-Care

Strengthening Your Self-Esteem

Shift Your Self-Care Perception for a Healthier Spirit

Myths and Realities of Self-Care

Putting It All Together: Self-Care for a Stronger Spirit

Chapter 11: Connect to Yourself and Your World


Meaningful Social Relationships

Give Back

Benefits of Volunteering/Giving Back

Live in the Moment: Conscious Living

Putting It All Together: Balanced Spirit

Part V: Balanced Body Breakthrough


Author’s Note


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