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its a fascinating book about maintaining a balance in your body and take care of it . ayurveda also advocates similar principles . in ayurveda there are three body types - vata , kapa and pita . to know more about ayurveda and visit ;sanjeevanam ayurvedic hospital;
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There’s a fascinating book I’ve came across recently that describes the same title as your “Balanced Body Breakthrough” but the difference was it is written as per the Ayurveda Tradition . I recently did an Ayurvedic treatment in Trivandrum, Kerala and it completely spiritualized my human experience. If you do have any palns to visit the South India I recommend you to undergo through any their treatments.

Hello Friends,

One of the best parts of the book publishing process has been sharing the journey with all of you. Throughout the month of September, you have all hopefully been receiving your signed copies of  the book as a gift before the official publish date on October 18th.  One by one, books have been delivered around the world to all of you who made it possible. I’ve loved seeing all of the book “shelfies”, sharing excitement over the project, and hearing your fun reviews and comments.  

If you’ve gotten your book in the mail and feel so inclined to take a "Shelfie Selfie" photo with your copy to share on social media, Id love to connect with you and hear what you think of the book! It’s not only fun, it also helps me raise awareness of the book before we go LIVE on October 18th! 

And if you feel so inclined and would be so kind to leave your review of the book on Amazon, I’d greatly appreciate it! Amazon reviews are a key ingredient in having the most successful book launch possible and helping others live a balanced body life they love :)  https://www.amazon.com/Balanced-Body-Breakthrough-Caroline-Jordan/dp/1942645112

These posts have reminded me how connected we all are and that no matter where life takes you, you always have a friend here. I hope you enjoy the book and it helps you live a life you LOVE. And if you can make it, please join me to celebrate at the FREE Balanced Body Breakthrough book launch party Oct. 18th 6-8pm at Equinox Sports Club in San Francisco. RSVP for your free ticket here (RSVP link only valid on computer, so try your laptop :) 


Thank you for being a part of my world and a part of my heart. Here’s to you, living a life you love. 

SO so much love and gratitude to you my friends, 


THANK you for your support of my first book, Balanced Body Breakthrough.  This lifetime goal would not have been possible without your support, encouragement, investment, and love. I am forever grateful and am so excited to share this book baby with you!

Today you received a link to download your Balanced Body Breakthrough eBook!! Your physical book is getting mailed to you this week. If you forgot to update your address on Inkshares, please contact: hello@inkshares.com  and they will assist you. 

Publish date isn’t until October 18th, so this exclusive first read is only for YOU, the backers who made this book possible. Please feel free to share content or quotes from the book that you enjoy with your friends, family, colleagues, or on social media. You can use this link to encourage your friends to get their own copy and get their mind, body, and spirit in great shape: Inkshares: https://www.inkshares.com/books/balanced-body-breakthrough

Save the date for the launch party, October 18th 5-8pm  at EQUINOX Sports Club. 747 Market St, San Francisco to CELEBRATE! Food, drinks, community, and a night of balance :)  I hope you can make it to toast to the book YOU helped create!

This book has been made possible because of you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you. I can’t wait to hear what you think of Balanced Body Breakthrough.

With gratitude,


To all my incredible family and friends:

Thanks to your support, "Balanced Body Breakthrough" has reached its goal and will be a PUBLISHED product in the world! The production process starts now and I’ll be working with the InkShares team to move forward. I wouldnt have been able to realize this goal without you and am overwhelmed with gratitude. Thank you for believing in me, in this project, and helping me share wellness with the world. I believe the more information, inspiration, encouragement, and support the world gets, the healthier and happier it becomes because of it. I intend Balanced Body Breakthrough to be a product that makes this world better. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I am so very grateful. 

Heres to the next steps, seeing this book come to life, and watching the positive effects come from it.  

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