Stephen Carignan
Mysterious and compelling, Blurred Weaponry draws the reader with with precious few details but manages to create a complete world in which the reader can be immersed. The mystery of how the world was created brings many different aspects of the imagery together to create three dimensional characters that keeps the pages turning.
Joseph Terzieva
Blurred Weaponry asks interesting questions about the value of comfort and control and what happens when an outlier challenges the status quo.
Amanda Orneck
A sci-fi tale wrapped in a mystical fantasy world, Blurred Weaponry tells the story of Destou, the last of a line of specialized warriors who has started a school to train others. The book starts off with a cliffhanger, literally, which is quite unusual. Even more unusual is how the main character manages to get out of a seemingly impossible situation. The first chapters give you an outline of the life of the last of the Saints, a group of powerful warriors that are able to control the wind and fight with ferocity.  Destou is headmaster at a school, but is also called to serve the government in some capacity -- most likely having to deal with his special abilities.While it's not clear exactly what time period this book takes place in, the world is interesting and the characters are vivid.  I want to know more about the rules of this universe, particularly what it means to be a Saint.  The writing is a little tough to get through in places, but I am intrigued by Destou and want to know more. This book is recommended for those who want a story about Dumbledore and his adventures before Harry came to Hogwarts.  
The Valdez Family Book Bank
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Richard Phillips
Have you checked out this sci-fi fantasy yet?
Clared C
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Michael Valdez
This is my book, obviously :). I'm just recommending because I haven't done that yet, which seems silly. There are six draft chapters available to read at about an 85% level of polish, plus three YouTube videos about the project. Check it! Out!
Billy O’Keefe
This looks so fully realized. I missed the first campaign — won't miss the relaunch.