Publishers Weekly
An excellent, irreverent mix of sword-and-sorcery fantasy and SF. Adams’s flippant tone recalls Terry Pratchett, taking the skewering of tropes down a very dark path as he establishes a fantasy world built from the ashes of a technological one.
With subtle hints to science fiction, Asteroid Made of Dragons could be the fantasy version of Guardians of the Galaxy.
Online Athens
“The big touchstone now is George R.R. Martin. Everybody either wants to be him or wants to write books like him. I’m not that person,” Adams said. “The big movement in the genre is the epic fantasy — these big, grand tales. I’m trying to write episodic fantasy with the idea being you can pick up any one of my books and enjoy them on their own.”
SF Signal
Coming Soon: ASTEROID MADE OF DRAGONS by G. Derek Adams
Katie Nystrom
For a new reader, this is such a strange concept: the juxtaposition of mechanical and fantasy is very intriguing and different. The chemical name of Xenon adds another level of complexity - what kind of world are we in? It is very unusual to have a goblin character interposed with such realism, and yet she is using a quill and a lantern indicating that this is a universe unlike our own. However, for being thrust into the middle of a scene, it is written so that the reader can follow without much prior knowledge. Great job and great cliffhanger - I can't wait to read more!
Daniel Poitras
Really excited for this book! This is definitely an interesting concept of having an Armageddon style survival story with dragons. And I really like dragons! Love the cover art photo as well.
Liam Dynes
A delightful romp with characters that feel familiar and gracefully imperfect.Carrying forward from the breezy fun of The Riddle Box, Mr. G. Derek Adams has created a world in Aufero that is vibrant, colourful, and charming.I'm very much looking forward to reading the full story, and am very happy to see it kick off the Sword part of the Sword & Laser Collection.
Dave Barrett - Author of It's All Fun and Games
With the third installment of the Jonas and Rime series, Adams has clearly hit his stride, both as a writer and and as a storyteller. The intercepting stories of three (and a half) sets of characters weave together to a wonderful conclusion. Rime and Jonas continue to get closer (though close may be an overstatement) as she seeks escape from inevitable madness and he confronts his past. Linus and his assassin are increasingly tragic as they pursue our heroes. And two delightful goblin sisters round out the party with their own in-jokes, familial bickering, and just the right amount of scholarly naivete.

More than once I stayed up too late just to read an extra chapter. Far more than once I cackled madly at a turn of phrase or a well placed joke. Precisely once I was left giddy and in awe of Adams' writing - what he claims to be the best paragraph he's ever written, and among the best excerpts of writing I've ever read. 

Do yourself a favor. If you haven't yet read Spell/Sword and the Riddle Box, get a hold of them now. While self published and a little rough around the edges, they are an absolute steal at 99 cents each and are truly wonderful stories. Then settle in for the main course, Asteroid Made of Dragons, and join me in waiting impatiently for the sequel.
Craig Munro
 Exciting, engaging, and a freaking good read! Absolutely cannot wait to get the full book into my hands.   Asteroid Made of Dragons deserves a place on your shelf alongside books from Rothfuss,  Martin, or Moorcock; and it won't suffer from the lofty company!
Melissa Berg
G. Derek Adams grabs you quick with gritty action and subtle humor akin to the flavors of a Joss Whedon visual feast that's been stirred in the pot of fantasy. You instantly know the characters, and though you know the ride will be rocky and dangerous, the risk of death eminent, you still want to jump aboard and stay till the end! Both Jonas and Rime have secrets lurking, while their relationship hints at something more to come. What an entertaining and exciting journey this promises to be!