Issued by

Ascendancy Council, Governing Body of Ionian Ascendancy



Subject Profile

Species: Cerronean/Unknown Humanoid Hybrid

Planet of Origin: Unknown planet, called Earth by indigenous species

Height: 6’4’’

Weight: 250 lbs

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Hazel

Skin Color: Olive

Aliases: Defiant One (current starfighter callsign)

Titles: Commander of Defiant Squadron, a unit in the illegal terrorist organization known as the United Republic Space Force; Lord of Vindico, known planet of illegal terrorist activity

Crimes: Murder of 4,235 Ionian Ascendancy military personnel, as well as an estimated 22,000,000 civilians. Known to be subject of a plan to overthrow the legitimate governing body of the universe, as prophesied by an unregistered fortuneteller

Known Abilities: Emotional empathy, enhanced hearing, enhanced memory recall, enhanced strength, enhanced speed, enhanced vision, mild to moderate telepathy, mild to moderate telekinesis, slight precognition

Current Reward: Ἶ1,000,000,000 or equivalent in precious material or property

Titles of nobility in Ionian Ascendancy

Pardon of all crimes against Ionian Ascendancy

Ownership of any uninhabited planet in the universe

All rewards are doubled if brought in alive

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