The humans carved out the bones of the dead Earth and shaped them into the First, Second, and Third Torus. With their Moon, they built a spine, the Hub, which held the Three Tori together with divine spokes. With their Sun they gave life to the engines and began their ascension into the abyss that would one day claim them.

- Sonata of the Sattas


The Triumvirate is a space station teeming with monstrous life. Long ago, it had been built by humans to carry them and the animals of Earth to colonize the cosmos.

We couldn’t handle a life in the stars. But the animals could, somehow- and after millenia of cross-breeding with other organisms in space, a new civilization has been born from the ashes of mankind. One where social status and power lies in how human a species can appear. Much like we do now, all these animal and alien races want to be made in their creator’s image.

All, that is, but a foolish Thorn-Bug who would rather worship itself. Though the bug has been cast to the lowest corner of the Triumvirate, where the corpses of humanity linger in broken pods, it plans the demise of human worship and the creatures that enforce it.

However, one of the pods still contains a living human. And much to the Thorn-Bug’s dismay, this child is its last hope for revenge.


As the Wheel Turns is a classical epic in the vein of Journey to the West, but with a more visceral modern tone complete with sci-fi sentiments.


I will update this area very often as I draw more characters.

Archduke Antilles of the Third Torus. A proud hawk who deals with Heightened affairs. He makes no attempt to appear human, and commands presence with his sharp eye and swirling eyebrows.