Thank you all for your support! It’s been a big help to see how much of a response I’ve gotten with very little outreach. When I made this pitch so late into the Nerdist contest’s timeframe, I was a little discouraged that I would not be able to get any sort of recognition.

But look at us! We’re above halfway in the contest. It might be crazy to attempt, but I think that if we all put some work into this we might even make top ten in three days.

But no effort on your part should go unrewarded. For each order I get from now until the 15th, I will post an update that will explain and define the world of As the Wheel Turns. Anything from denizens of the Triumvirate to the strange culture that permeates it, written within the world and supplemented with scripture and sketches.These will go up daily, starting tomorrow. If there’s enough orders, these may even become bi-daily.

The second chapter is in the works, and will be up soon. Also, I will be redrawing the cover tonight to give it some more color and flair.

Thanks again!