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When pushed to the brink, how would you react? When threatened on your life, who would you save? Yourself, or your loved ones? When faced with who you really are, will you run or fight?

Life is as close to an Utopia as is possible to become in The Domes. The only losers? The Artificial Generation children, created to bring new blood to the population and cure genetic diseases.
But 23 year old Elena, of the 3 Generation of A. G. kids, have never wanted children, or never found a man she wanted them with.
When The Domes are attacked by people living outside, she has choices to make. Not only about her own survival, but about who she really is.

Artificial Generation is a book about finding yourself, judgment and survival. With action, science and steampunk, it makes for a fast paced and entertaining read.

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Praise for Articifial Generation
These are comments from the beta readers

’’A thought provoking tale that is magnificent in describing how the main character becomes a heroine.’’

’’...a fun and interesting read, with a strong female lead.’’

’’The story woke feelings in me, it provoked me, which is in itself a very good sign. What it didn’t do, was bore me or make me not care. It press some buttons."

’’ may look forward to an interesting post-apocalyptic vault-dweller-esque tale...’’

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