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**Cover art by Kaytalin Platt**


Maggie Mayuko King, a hardcore gamer girl, has spent a good chunk of her summer break from college playing Scales of Time: The Land of the Scorched, an unforgiving open-world RPG set in the Scorchlands. Through relentless questing, she has finally reached the final boss Amasarok, a fire dragon with a bad temper. One faithful day, she discovers a way to travel between the Scorchlands and her room, giving rise to a dangerous yet appealing escape for Maggie. Determined to beat Amasarok, Maggie will stop at nothing to achieve her goal, even if it means sacrificing relationships with her family and friends.

In Are You Sure You Want to Quit?, the intersection between video games and reality is explored through Maggie’s life as a gamer girl. Where there is solace in playing video games, there is disharmony in her family. Ultimately, Maggie must find the balance between gaming and relationships, without losing herself in the process.

The Idea Behind AYSYWTQ?

I’ve always wanted to write a story where dragons were the centerpiece of the world I created. Along my path towards obtaining a doctorate, I would ditch stories and leave them unfinished. Recently, a flame inside of me was rekindled and my passion for writing was revived. When I saw the Nerdist theme of video games for the next contest, the gamer girl in me squealed for joy and I couldn’t wait to show everyone my story. For Are You Sure You Want to Quit?, I wanted to combine my two passions in life: video gaming and dragons. I also wanted to explore the idea of a gamer girl in a society where men are the face of video gaming and to help bridge the gap between women (especially of color) and the gaming community. This is my debut novel and through this story, I hope to share my passion for dragons and gaming alike. I mean, you can’t go wrong with dragons, am I right?

About Me

My name is Alisa King, I am a 4th year graduate student currently pursuing a microbiology PhD, and I am a HUGE gamer girl. I am also half-Japanese and half-African American. Ever since I was a young lady I loved playing video games and would crush my friends in Super Smash Bros. as Yoshi (I still do). And yes, I also love to write stories, mainly dealing with the fantasy realm.