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Our stories were wrong. The war for the fate of humankind was never going to be between them and us. When the time came, a conflict sparked a hundred years ago by the philosopher AURVENDIL, it was the machines that marched to battle against each other.

This war, where humanity’s right to exist will be decided, finally explodes across the stars, but the players are more numerous than expected, the stakes are higher than anticipated and the odds don’t look good for anyone involved.

As the maelstrom gathers, a gynoid named SABRINA has to choose where her own beliefs fall, a decision that might have more weight than anyone suspects.

At the centre of it all, the ’Arch-Android’. A new machine like nothing the galaxy’s seen before? An older robot come back to tip the balance? Or just a intellectual concept floated about by the philosophers trying to end the war?

It has been 98 years since the events of AURVENDIL’s Rebellion. The race of robots calling themselves Capek have had almost a century to deal with the consequences this unprecedented act of aggression has left them with. Fear, suspicion and doubt, emotions that had been known but remained theoretical until then are now rampant among the population, guiding the shape of these mechanical gods in new directions.

SABRINA, one of the Capeks who had sided with AURVENDIL, lives only to study the mysteries of gas giants. She has spent the last decade high in the atmosphere of one of these jovian planets, isolating herself from most of her people in the process. When circumstances force her back to civilization, she discovers that things have changed. Ancient Capek of designs not seen for a millennia walk amongst her people, preaching the coming of the Arch-Android. Others of her contemporaries have banded into a proto-religion, chanting ’Aurvendil lives!’ at whoever will listen, turning the renegade into a martyr. Stranger still is her meeting with a bizarre new Capek named HERACLES who is made of materials and displays a personality like nothing she’s ever seen before.

The seeds of AURVENDIL’s Rebellion eventually blossom into a religious war amongst the machines. SABRINA and HERACLES are thrust into the conflict, each a figurehead for their own ideology. Humans are coming back, but are they a threat or saviors? Angels or demons? Cataclysmic forces of star-destroying proportions clash over this prophecy, ignorant of the lie it puts forth. Humans aren’t coming back. They’ve been there for almost a century now.

The plan is simple: Get 750 pre-orders as soon as possible so I don’t have a nervous breakdown trying to fund this project.

The problem is how... and it’s a multi-tiered plan.

  1. Get everyone who already follows Arch-Android to pre-order a copy.
  2. Get everyone who pre-orders Arch-Android to recommend it to other and reward for the effort. Rewards will come in the form of exclusive artwork, bookmarks and probably some other neat things (I’m getting some leather-bound copies of A God in the Shed done to raffle off for my supporters. That kind of thing.)
  3. Bring over as many fans of The Life Engineered over with similar incentives.
  4. If you order a print copy, you’ll get a signed copy and a signed bookmark.
  5. Get three copies and your name is in the acknowledgements of the book.
  6. Get more than three copies? Well... I have plans for that. Plans that might involve limited edition painted models of one of the robots from the book.

So keep your eyes out for these incentives. I’ll be hitting you up to be my team, my attack group. I can’t do this without you. I wasn’t able to get The Life Engineered done without you guys, I owe A God in the Shed’s success to you guys and I’m going to need you guys for this.

NOTE: If you haven’t read The Life Engineered, you can enjoy Arch-Android anyways. Or, you can get a digital copy for 0.99$ right here or the audiobook from Audible.

I have a problem. I’m addicted to writing. It sounds like such a stupid cliché, but this is something I’d be doing even if I was lost in a lonely space station that would never contact humanity again. I don’t want to say that ’I write for me’ because that’s so self-indulgent. I love to share my work, but even if I couldn’t, I would still be writing.

Outside of fiction, I paint toy soldiers and occasionally draw.

I try to be a nice guy and I desperately want to engage with the people who read my books, but I’m also a rather shy guy. So by all means, get in touch with me, ask me questions, be my friend and don’t worry if I’m a bit awkward if we ever meet in person.

Most of all, I want to write entertaining stories about robots and evil gods and all sorts of weird things and I I will never be able to thank you enough for allowing me to do that.