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Dear Friend,

I’m delighted to announce that my first novel, APEX, is in production, having won a publishing contract through the Crypt TV Contest. I’m currently in the editing phase to make the APEX the best book it can possibly be for my readers.

APEX is equal parts science fiction, mystery, and thriller, a case of genetic engineering gone horribly wrong.

When Jason, a wildlife biologist with the Forest Service, goes to Oregon to investigate reported wolf-attacks on livestock, he becomes skeptical. After seeing that five hundred pound cattle are being decimated by their mysterious predator, he is increasingly convinced that something else is responsible. Meanwhile, a scientist named Claire is conducting genetic research in a remote lab for unknown reasons. Is there a connection between her work and the livestock attacks? The only things he knows for sure are that she has secrets to hide, and that whatever is causing these deaths is NOT an ordinary wolf…

Here’s where you come in—please pre-order a copy of APEX today. You’re guaranteed to receive your autographed copy on day one of its release, and you’ll increase the book’s publicity as well. Writing a book is a team effort, and its success is dependent on all of you lovely readers.

If you could also spread the word by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, that will help immensely! Feel free to also recommend on LinkedIn.

I’m a mechanical and biomedical engineer working in the orthopedic implant and medical device industry and as an engineering professor, but I’ve always had a passion for writing.

Life sidetracked my manuscript for several years, but then I applied to Stanford’s Online Writing Certificate program two years ago and was accepted. I joined a cohort of 45 wonderful, gifted, aspiring writers and went through a series of courses that developed and honed my skills until I emerged on the other end a proud graduate with a completed manuscript that has gone through several major revisions to become the story it is today.

I’m inspired by science, technology, and innovation, so I’ve gone to great lengths to make all the science in my novel real or plausible, and I’ve done considerable research to keep the facts straights.

If you’re so inspired, please write a recommendation and/or review to let others know you like my book. I’ve put the revised Prologue and first chapter up for your reading enjoyment!

Happy Reading! Debbie

P.S. I want to express my sincere gratitude to Malena Watrous, my Stanford writing instructor, for her mentorship and guidance through that program and for recommending I enter this contest. I would also like to thank my daughter Amanda Munro for creating the cover art for my book, my daughter Carolyn Munro for creating my Facebook book page, and Christopher Lee for creating the video trailer above.