Yes it is a conspiracy novel. It’s one meant to make you question everything you believe to be true. Who are the secret kings? Aliens among us? Is there a hidden history? What’s with all the vampires? Rapidly developing technology, Alien abductions, The 2012 prophecy didn’t fail but looked like it did. Blue spiral over norway was a test for the "bottomless pit" or stargate portal technology.

  • My Name is John. I am a father of 5 and a conspiracy theorist turned creative writer. I was one of the many who fell into prepping for the end of the world.
  • While waiting to die I began to dig and research and after losing a lot of sleep I began to dream about "what was really going on.
  • The realization I had been hornswoggled into a giant advertisement causing people to buy sell and trade on a huge level fueled the story I ended up inventing based on all the internet chatter.
  • I do not know if you can help me develop it or not. I pretty much have it all figured out. However I am open to suggestions.
  • The story is an epic tale and will in the end make even you wonder if it is true.
  • One day if we play our cards correctly it will be the next box office hit.
  • At first glance you might be saying "it has already been done", but I promise you it hasn’t, not like this!

I aim to submerge you into the realm of delusion so thick that after reading this book you will question everything and believe nothing!