It is my long lost dream to be an author, as my head is full with ideas and my laptop is full with drafts and numerous unfinished stories.

I am a father of two small children (2years and 4months - so you can imagine exactly how much free time I have!!) & I work full time in the city of London, so never had the time to fully commit.

The idea for this book came to me while I (a foreigner living in London for five years now) was walking into Liverpool Street station on a very early, cold and dark morning. I initially thought "what if" some guy just bumped into me, and i would be the only witness to his death... This morbid morning daydream/idea then turned to a Le Carré/Graham Greene inspired story-line, and thus this book was born. It was not my first attempt to write, but it was by far my most tangible attempt, I have been going at this slowly slowly since (about 3-4 years now, sheesh!)

I came across Inkshares by accident ... and I thought if enough people seemed interested in my idea(s?).. Well, then who knows!? I have always postponed finishing and editing this book, guided by the thought that if some publisher decides this is rubbish, then it would kill the dream forever. However, letting the public decide is an amazing idea, to which I humbly succumb.

Both in the following link and on Inkshares you can now read the first five chapters, and chapter 10. Free PDF preview download . This is the beginning of the plot-line (pre-edited version) and an introduction to a few of the characters. If nothing else - try to watch London through my eyes - an amazing city as such.

I am fully available to chat at and I appreciate any feedback/help/support and every PRE ORDER in advance. thanks. Jonathan.