Imagine a world where we can control our lives, change our destinies, correct our wrongs, make the right decisions, by simply looking at our reflected image. Or, more precisely, into our own eyes.

Every time we see our reflection our conciousness, our soul, our essence, skips and slides between our current world into Other Worlds. Each time we make a decision or choice or change we create a new version of our world with a new reality, linked to our and every Other World. Most of usnever stray too far from our current world, but with the proper focus and intentwe can jump further and faster forward or backward across the multiple paths we have created for ourselves. After all the molecules that make us exist in every version of the world.

With training and practice some of us can control the paths we surf across and aim to a certain point across these rippled lines. However, sometimes we arrive at an event. An event is where a new path has been formed. Some events are larger than others and arriving in one of these events can have damaging effects. Effects like brain damage, or coma. Even death.

This is where our story begins, with Thomas, as his awakening event. Soon after he’s contacted by the mysterious Other World League. They have policed and chronicled travel between dimensions since time began. Thomas has them worried.

Thomas thinks he’s mad. He’s pretty certain in fact. He knows something is wrong with the world, or with his head and he’s trying to work out which it is. This morning he woke up as usual and stumbled into the bathroom as usual and brushed his teeth as usual. It wasn’t until he noticed in his reflection that he was brushing his teeth with his right hand that the thoughts of madness began. His right hand. The hand he had lost two years previously...