ANALOG OWL is first in a series of novels about those who can and choose to travel across Other Worlds.

Imagine a reality where there is a way to change your life, to surf between dimensions, by simply staring at your reflection in any mirrored surface.

Usually when we see ourselves we only slip between close dimensions, but for some, with the right focus and intent, they can move faster and further across each ’life’ we could have lead. Every choice we make and consequence of our actions creates a new branch, two news paths, two new dimensions: the one we are currently on and the other one, the other world we don’t live in. Most of the time we are unaware that when we look into our own eyes we skip and slide across worlds, unless we come across an event. An event is where something more noticeable is different. When witnessed and event may cause minor trauma in the traveller such as a feeling of deja vu or simply anxiety, while on other occasions it can cause brain damage, or even death.

ANALOG OWL follows Thomas Bailey as he discovers not only that he can consciously travel between these Other Worlds at will, but that the mysterious Other World League are in pursuit.

About The Author

I’m James. Thank you for helping me with a lifelong goal.

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