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About the Book

After three centuries trapped underground, Yulric Bile—the Curséd One, the Devil’s Apprentice, the Thousand Year Old Vampyr—has risen only to find that no one in this time believes he is a vampire. Werewolf, they call him. Zombie. Mummy. Lich. Vampires, he discovers, have become very pretty, very weak, and most disturbing of all, very good. He resolves to correct this disgusting turn of events, or at the very least, murder the person responsible. Aided by a vampire wannabe, the eight-year-old reincarnation of his greatest foe, and a host of ancient horrors as far from sexy as it is possible to be, Yulric journeys from lost subterranean cities to pink suburban houses, battling undead TV stars and his fear of cars, for the right to determine, once and for all, what it truly means to be a vampire.

About the Author

Jim McDoniel is a writer of weird, funny things. A graduate of Conservatory programs at both Minneapolis’s Brave New Workshop and Chicago’s Second City, he has spent several years writing about mad science and molepeople for the award-winning, sci-fi audio drama Our Fair City. He was also a winner of the Midnight Audio Theatre’s 2014 Scriptwriting Competition and his piece "Last Transmission" will be produced and broadcast on Columbus NPR later this year. An Unattractive Vampire is his first complete novel and he hopes it will find a place within the upcoming Sword and Laser Collection.

For more examples of Jim’s work visit www.ourfaircity.com

You can follow him on twitter at @jimmcdoniel.