Jim McDoniel's latest update for An Unattractive Vampire

Jun 18, 2016

So hey, guys. How was your week?

Mine? Oh you know, it was...okay. I did some stuff. And then some other stuff. Oh and then this happened.


For those of you who did not immediately click on the link and then devolve into frantic happy dances (like I did...at work) here’s the context. Patrick Rothfuss...THE Patrick Rothfuss...best-selling author of the Kingkiller Chronicles READ MY BOOK! And...he liked it! EPIC SWOON!

In other great news this week, we hit our first Amazon milestone of 50 reviews!

What does this mean? It means that An Unattractive Vampire has reached the first Amazon algorithm tier. It might be featured in newsletters or start creepily showing up as a suggestion to people who also bought Interview with a Vampire or a My Little Pony. That sort of thing. Basically, more books in more hands. 

So time to just rest on our laurels and do nothing, right?


There is another...larger goal. At 100 reviews, we activate the second Amazon tier where the book gets even more promotion and I assume some form of giant robot Avatar.

So keep reading! Keep reviewing! Keep telling your friends about this great book (or your enemies about this "great book" *snicker, snicker.*)

Also...thank you.